Birth of the Stealth Assassins Section Restored

All content of the Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins section is restored. The Blue Swordsman and I will focus on restoring the Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven content next.

The user made custom missions are part of the Azuma Ninja Clan content and will be made available at a later point.

8 thoughts on “Birth of the Stealth Assassins Section Restored

    • Pretty much straight away. But progress depends on how busy we are with work. It is easier to do site work on the weekends, than weekdays.

  1. It’s great that the site is being restored. The wait was worth it ^_^

    Oh, and I was happy to see that this site was in the credits of Tenchu 4: Shadow Assassins.

  2. Selenia?
    Do you think that we must brink people in these site?We can make Tenchu more…famous but some people may compare Tenchu with Naruto thats why i am asking u.
    I told to a friend to join these chats and he likes Tenchu very much.
    One more tenchu player in this site! ^__^

    • I think as the site continous to grow more people will join. These things usually develop naturally.

  3. Hi Selenia It’s be a long time. (Arround 6 or 8 years am sure you forgot me :d haha)
    Anyway I am glad to see you rebuild the site. A lot of data has been lost. it was not easy. And it’s take time…
    Good work
    The new look is nice. (^_^)
    Good luck for the next 😉

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