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8 thoughts on “Email unavailable for the next 48 hours

    • Server = fancy name for computer
      The computer handling all the sending and receiving of emails. It is standing somewhere in the US.
      Anyways I decided it is not good enough and switched to a service provided by someone else. So there will be some time in between the move where I can send or receive email.

  1. Tokyo game show starts on 15th September(Correct me if i am wrong).
    What do you think Selenia?WIll Acquire/From Softoware announce a new Tenchu game?

    (I know it has nothing to do about this but there isn’t any forum here yet xD)

    • Difficult to say. So far has been no announcement. FromSoftware presented two other games though ArmoredCore and Steel Battalion (?) I think.

    • Well I don’t think we could see something about Tenchu for this year.
      Fromsoftware has spent a lot of time on Armored Core 5.
      And Darks Soul. And if i am right, they helped Bandai for a other japanese game.

      When they developped Tenchu 4. The 5 and 6 been signed.
      But If It’s continue like that. The Next Tenchu will maybe developped on Wiii U & Vita.
      But We don’t know really yet. But see now A Tenchu announced would be so exciting
      Anyways The Engine of Tenhcu 4 was nice.
      I hope the next Tenchu will be again more beautiful :p

  2. Mine is tenchu Wrath of Heaven!
    I havent played Tenchu 1& 2 so i cant really say,but WOH was,is and will be the best game i ever played.It was my first tenchu,the first time i played it i totally “fell in love with it” lol

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