Tokyo Game Show 2011

Unfortunately there has been no Tenchu related announcement at the Tokyo Game Show this year.
FromSoftware has only shown a new Armored Core and Steel Battalion so far.
Acquire has 4 games at the show: Shinobido 2, Sumioni, Gladiator and Totomono (Classroom Heroes).

Shinobido 2 is confirmed for a worldwide release. The game will be out for the Playstation Vita later this year. The TGS trailer is embedded below. Can you spot the flying ninja?

Sumioni is another game for the Playstation Vita by Acquire. It has a quite interesting art style and seems to be controlled with touch input and analog sticks. Check out the movie for yourself! It starts off a little slow, but there is gameplay shown towards the end. The music is quite catchy.

29 thoughts on “Tokyo Game Show 2011

  1. When i saw the Title:”Tokyo Game Show 2011″ i said to my self OMG NEW TENCHU OMG!!!!
    After 1sec i realised that there wasn’t a new Tenchu,omg my heart…..ouch…….that hurt a lot.I really hoped that they will announce a new tenchu but….. 🙁

    Anyway,i am looking forward PSVita and ofcourse Shinobido 2,it looks awsome(Ofcourse tenchu is better).It is a must buy for me and i dont care for the grafics,they are no like uncharted 3 but i like them.

    Now about…Sumioni,it looks beautiful.When they show us more things about this game maybe i will buy it if i will like it.

    I still hope for a new tenchu to come in PSVita or PS3 :’)

  2. It’s look nice. I will keep an eyes on this two games.
    I liked Shinobido. So i guess I will like, this one.
    Now Armored Core 5 is finished.
    I hope they will works on Tenchu.
    Vita or PS3 this 2 consol is full of skill.
    So developped an new Amazing gameplay for Tenchu, is possible.
    If they spend time on Tenchu as they did for Armored Core 5.
    We could get a big game.

    • 3 Tenchu games got Mission Editor.Tenchu Shinobi Gaisen(It is the updated Tenchu Stealth Assassins,u must buy the disc,u cant take only Mission mode),Tenchu 2 and Tenchu Time of the Assassins for PSP.It would be great if they add this amazing feature again in tenchu 5.Tenchu 4 would be perfect if it had Mission Editor,you would be able to place shadows,candles,you would be able to make Great Puzzle missions:D

      • Yes, you are right. (^_^)
        About Tenchu 4 It was a good game.
        But I hope them map of next tenchu will be larger (^_^)

  3. Shinobido looks exactly like Tenchu. Looks defenitly worth while to play. Off subject here, but I have a question. Which Tenchu games have a level editor? Is it only Tenchu part2 for Ps1? Where can you get the Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen (Tenchu: Stealth Assassins) mission editor? That would be so cool to have.

  4. SSelenia i want your opinion for something.Many people say that Tenchu is “Dead”,they mean that there wont be any new tenchu game?What do you think,could this be true?I really hope not.I am just wondering bcz we havent heard anything new about it and the last Tenchu was Tenchu 4 Plus(Tenchu SHadow Assassins with Multiplayer for PSP,Japan only) in 2009.Thanks

    • An entertainment franchise is never really dead. Just look at the Battlestar Galactica reboot after something like 20 years.
      I think there will be a new Tenchu game at some point, but the question is when.
      FromSoftware have their hands full with a couple of big budget titles. If those games do well next year and fill the bank account, then I guess they will give Tenchu another shot.
      How successful a new Tenchu game would be depends on the game quality obviously. The last Tenchu games were unfortunately quite buggy and with lots of technical issues. This is more detrimental to a game series than anything else in my opinion. It gives a bad reputation and even alienates the fans.

      I am sure there will be another Tenchu game, but we have to be patient.

  5. Now i am Happy:)
    I hope that they wont release the next Tenchu in Wii U,i will get really angry.
    PS3 i think is the best one and a PSV port wouldn’t be bad.It must have a great Cinematic storyline,great music,Mission Editor and Online,Tenchu 5 will be just awsome if they do these.I cant wait to see what happens next?!?!What will happen to AyameO_o I CANT WAIT!
    But i have too…

  6. I’d eat a poison rice ball, do a back flip, and throw a chinese star at a dogs butt if they made a new Tenchu for PS3. This series is far from dead I think they will make another one. But on which system? Hopefully the PS3!

  7. I totally agree with you timbone.
    The next Tenchu game must be on Playstation 3.
    I got a sence that Tenchu 5 will be just…awsome.I hope that they will work a lot on it.
    I would like to see Tenchu Stealth Assassins and Tenchu BOSA on PS Store as PS1 classics or it would be better if they would make a remake of these 2 Tenchu games 😉
    We can only wait and see,i hope that Acqurie/From Softoware are reading this right now.
    Selenia(again lol),what do u think?Where do u think that the next Tenchu will be(Just say your opinion) and will we ever see Tenchu 1 &2 on PS Store?Thanks,again ^__^

    • Next Tenchu? Could be anything from Facebook to iPad to PS3/XBOX360.

      About Tenchu 1 & 2 being on the PSN Store…
      This depends on who actually has the rights to these titles. I have heard something about Tenchu 1 still partially belonging to Sony Music Entertainment. This would make it hard, if not impossible, to re-release or re-make the game. This are common problems when IP are sold several times. My guess is everything from Wrath of Heaven on is properly owned by FromSoftware and therefore re-releases and re-makes are possible.
      For Tenchu 1 & 2 we would have to read the contracts that were made :p.

  8. I hope so 🙂
    TenchuWOH & FS or Tenchu1&2 Remake would be just awsome.
    I cant wait for Tenchu 5 too 😀
    I really hope that they will release the next Tenchu in PS3 or/and PSV 🙂
    We can only wait and see…

  9. It would be so cool if they had achievments and trophies for the remakes HAHA! Thats what made Tenchu Z so much fun to play over and over. Trying to get all of the achievments.

  10. No,here you are wrong.
    Tenchu Z is one of the worst Tenchu games ever.I’ve played 190 Hours and i still play sometimes,not cause it has got achievements(WHich are all really easy to get them) but bcz i like playing Online with others in the way it meant to play(Not running and killing,but hiding and using strategy and stealth).
    I really want Tenchu 5 to have online multiplayer but i dont want it like Tenchu Z,i want it really hard and other missions for Online,not the same with Story mode.

  11. Online co-op campaign would be awesome as hell for Tenchu 5. Tenchu Z’s multiplayer was stupid. You had like 3 other assassins with you. Way too easy I agree. I really liked alot of the levels on Tenchu Z’s campaign mode. Over all on a scale from one to ten I’d give it like an eight. Its the only Tenchu where you can sword someone through a paper wall!! HA!!

  12. I like what Acquire has done recently. I think they should focus on Shinobido and a few other games for a while to win back the fans. I hope they give it a few more years and bring Tenchu back with a reboot to fix that train wreck of a storyline the franchise fell into from jumping between multiple publishers, developers and consoles over the years.

  13. I agree with you.Acquire has already started to make the storyline better.They announced back in 2008 that the real-normal Storyline is Tenchu Stealth Assassins,Tenchu Birth of the Stealh Assassins,Tenchu Wrath of heaven and Tenchu Shadow Assassins.
    Acquire took again the control of Tenchu storyline “deleting” all the other Tenchus which i think is pretty cool idea.
    Tenchu Shadow Assassins was really good ofcourse not like the first 3 but it is the best tenchu game after WOH.
    Many fans didn’t like Tenchu4 according to the fact that you didn’t have freedom.
    Tenchu 5 can be an awsome game,if they work with From Softoware as much as From Software worked on Dark souls and maybe more.
    Acquire must think a clever direction to take with the Storyline and the gameplay.2 Tenchus left,Thats the agreement,a Trilogy(4,5,6).
    I personally think that they must return to the old gameplay and add some staff from Tenchu 4(like great stealth kills and Shadows).The Freedom to run/escape and fight must return.And about the Storyline,they chose to make it Drama,What an Awsome idea!And i think that in Tenchu 5(or 6whatever) Ayame or Rikimaru must die,dunno why,one of them must die,it would be sad yh but it would be diferrent too.About Multiplayer,with the direction they chose(Ayame has been possessed by onikage) they cant really make one,but if they think a clever/Hard Mulitplayer(not like Tenchu Z) it would be good.
    And for Gods Sake dont change consoles again and again!Tenchu started with Playstation,you must end in Playstation!
    Anyway i hope that they will work alot on Tenchu 5,Good Luck Acqurie and From Software!
    Dont Give UP!Just have faith suspicion begets only grief;)

  14. Hey Selenia:
    Don’t you think that it is about time to create a forum Section?
    And one more thing,we must do something to make this site more…famous.There are probaly less that 15 people in this site:/

    • Hi,

      I am not quite satisfied with the forum I found yet. It needs a couple more tweaks.
      With no Tenchu game in sight it will be difficult to increase popularity. But ideas are welcome of course.

  15. The first thing that comes in my mind is to go in popular forums(IGN,PSN,Xbox etc) and tell them about this Site.
    This site must be added in Wikipedia too.
    You can ask the help of From Software and Acqurie.
    We must do something:/

    Btw i think that the site is a bit……ugly……DONT HIT ME lol,i was just wondering,are you planning something to make the site a bit more beautiful?for example on the left&right to add Rikimaru and Ayame or something like this.Its pretty monotonous now dont you think?

    I just try to help:)

    • From my experience the popularity of the site increases around the release of a Tenchu game and then drops back down. In the 10+ years I have run the site it has always been that way. Usually only the dedicated Tenchu fans stick around in between game releases.

      Sorry to hear you don’t like the layout. I am sure it will change over time. We have had 5 site redesigns within the past 10 years, so it is safe to assume that there will be another one.
      I can’t focus on everything at once. I am still looking into getting the forum sorted out and then it will be back to getting more content up.

  16. I can’t wait 🙁 I want a new Tenchu >:/
    I hope that this time they will work a lot on Tenchu 5!
    From Software’s game “Dark Souls” is making many sales(I bought it too lol).
    Acquirie’s “Shinobido 2” will probably do bcz it is a launch title(i will get it too :P)
    They must work a lot on next tenchu like FS did with Dark Souls.They mustn’t be lazy!
    I want so much an announcment that they both work on Tenchu 5. :/
    I hate that they dont inform us and i hope that this time tenchu will return on Playstation,PSVita?Ps3? dunno but Playstation!

    Tenchu is forever <3

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