New forum is online

After much deliberation and testing I found a suitable forum candidate. It is called ‘Mingle Forum’ and was relatively easy to set up and adjust the layout.
For now I have created 4 forums Tenchu, News, Tenchu Checkpoint & Forum and Off Topic. Click here to check them out.

The News Forum is a bit of a special case. All articles from the News page appear there. Replies to articles on the news page should (if it works) appear in the forum as well. Same goes for replies made in the forum, they too should appear on the News page.

To use the forums you need to be a registered Tenchu Checkpoint user. Use the Register link at the top right of the site. As a user you can use the forums as well as post comments on the News page and wherever else it is allowed.

The forum allows you to have a signature. On the forum page use Edit your forum options to set it up.

A profile picture/avatar can be set up by registering an account with Gravatar and linking your Tenchu Checkpoint account with your Gravatar account. In order to do so make sure that you use the same email address as with your Tenchu Checkpoint account. It is a bit inconvenient, but it is the easiest of all options. The service is free.

As always there is still lots of work left. Hope you will enjoy the new forum in the meantime.

There is a problem with the News Forum. When I tested it on my home machine it worked fine, but here it fails to create a viewable topic.

9 thoughts on “New forum is online

  1. Thats Great news!Btw i think that u must write about this new forum in the old “Tenchu Checkpoint Forums” so we can increase the popularity in here!

    • Posted an announcement at the top of the forum and also sent an email to all forum members.

      The big question is how many of those email addresses still work 😉 .

    • Merry Christmas to you too!

      The old forum has simply out-grown the size of the user base. I think it is better to start from scratch and grow the forums as necessary.
      It is more convenient for me if I only have to check one place, rather than two.

      The old forum remains online, so we can always look back on the silly fights we had.

      • That is so true. But personally I like the old forums design more than the new one, and the same for the website design of :/ Is there any chance to see it looking similar to the old one? 😛

        I’ve been watching a gameplay video of the new Shinobido now… The point is that I never play Tenchu currently, but I keep liking it a lot more than Shinobido. Anyway I don’t think that a new Tenchu will be ever released, I guess that Acquire wanted to kill the sagas with the last one and focusing now on Shinobido :/

        • No one is stopping you from creating a WordPress theme with the look of the old site and email it to me.

          Great thoughts on Shinobido. Sounds like something perfect for the Off Topic forum :D.

  2. Dont say that again!They didn’t want to kill,,they wanted to change a bit Tenchu.And they will release a new Tenchu,i know it!

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