Punish the Evil Merchant


  • Holes in the floor or openings in walls are secret paths to other areas of the mission. Some of them are shortcuts. Go into the hole crouch (press R1) and press the left analog stick forward to crawl through them.
  • A lot of items are hidden in that mission, especially inside the houses!
  • Your target Nasu is in the big building on the top right of the map.
  • Use stealth to open doors.
  • Enemies can’t open doors.
  • At the main entrance of the big building on the bottom map is a bee hive. Play with it.

Tajima Eigoro – Health: 100
Nasu – Health: 100 , Nasu’s Bodyguard 1 – Health: 35 , Nasu’s Bodyguard 2 – Health: 35

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 22 (+ 1 dog)
Max Score: 930

If you consult the map you see on the top left side 4 houses standing close together. It is your first task to find a way to that area.
I found 2 different ways so far. You can go get the key from the 3 guards partying in the house (presented by a flashing red circle on the map)and go through the gate (stand close to the gate, select the key and press x to open it). Follow the corridors until you reach a room with boxes. Look up to find your way out !
The easier and faster way though is taking the shortcut in the big house on the bottom area of the map (house where the 3 guards are partying). Go to the entrance of the house and enter it. There is hole you can crawl through. It will take you into one of the 4 houses on the top left part of the map.
Once you are there leave it and go straight away to the big house on the top right of the map.
Don’t take the main entrance. If you go to the right side of the house, you will find another shortcut hole in the floor. Cross the room with the cat and enter the next room.
If you are on the right track
Tajima Eigoro will show up to see what the cat dragged in. As long as you don’t give him time to shoot you, he is easy to beat.
Go through the door and go the stairs up. Soon you should find another room with a cat and a hole in the wall. Crawl through that hole and look up. Grapple up until you find yourself in an area with brown wooden walls and floors. Follow the corridor to the end. The only way to Nasu is an area represented by 3 red squares on the top left of your map.
Once you reach Nasu, finish of his 2 bodyguards first. Stay away from Nasu for the time being or he will throw smoke bombs at you. The bodyguards are weak and so is Nasu. When his health meter gets low he will try to trick you and beg for mercy, while setting up a trap on the floor. Simply jump backwards to avoid it.

Grand Master Item
Super Shuriken

Special Move
Shoulder Thrust