Execute Hamada and Return to Lord Gohda

Written by stealthgiga & Selenia


  • Never ever kill any of Lord Gohda’s guards or the mission will be lost!
  • Use stealth to open doors.
  • The enemy placement is narrow.
  • Stairs are marked by red squares on the map.

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 16
Max Score: 770

You start with a hole in front of you and your goal is to go where Hamada is located on the first floor. Don’t drop down this hole. Instead turn around and go around the corner to collect a Smoke Bomb. Drop down the hole near the Smoke Bomb and find a Ninja Rebirth item. As you come out from the small room, roll into the small “garden” and enter the building again through the door right next to the one you came through. You will find two guards having conversation, but you can’t see the other one. While they are busily talking use your grappling hook to fly over his head and vanish around the corner. Follow the corridor until you see a door on the right wall. Open it and enter the room. Hamada is waiting there for his execution. Once Hamada is dead enemy ninja infiltrate Gohda castle. You can take the key (it is not necessary though, the door it opens can be reached by crawling through the hole in the big garden, but since we are taking another route you won’t need it) and Health Potion. If you wish you can go back from where you came to stealth kill some enemy ninja, but it is not necessary. There is a 2nd door in the room in the top right corner.

You come into another room with no enemy. Open the door with caution because a ninja is guarding the corridors outside but he should be easy to kill since he is near. Enter the area with bedrooms and there should be another ninja distant away. Go through the door, kill the ninja on the right and go up the stairs. Open the door with stealth mode and you’ll find another victim. Proceed through the pathway and find another door. There are two ninjas there. Eliminate them and proceed to the next area with a ninja. You will find an area with open windows and a ninja as you advance. Kill the ninja and another ninja near the stairs leading down. Go down the stairs to meet Lord Gohda.

Grand Master Item
Exploding Arrow

Special Move
Ninjutsu Block