Rescue the Kidnapped Princess

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia


  • Your enemies are robots.
  • Watch out for half-circles on the floor. They represent secret doors. Stand upon a half circle and press your back to the wall to activate a secret door. All secret doors only work in one direction!
  • Princess Kiku is held captice on the top floor of the Amagai Castle.
  • Stay alert stay alive! The castle is full of traps!
  • Stairs are marked by red squares on the map.
  • The “Stone of Power” is hidden inside Amagai Castle.

Dr. Kimaira – Health: 150

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 16
Max Score: 775

There will be a patrolling spear-guard, moving from left to right, in front of you. When the mission begins, run forward keeping close to the left wall. When the robot is in sight, run out and stealth-kill it. Look up and to the north to find a passage. Use the grappling hook to ascend to the next level. Ahead is a drop. There is a trench below with lava. There are no enemies in this room so your only concern will be not to fall into the lava. At your current position you will see an adjacent level across. Your first instinct would be to jump over it. BE FOREWARNED. The ceiling is very low, so if you try to double-jump and you are not close enough to the edge, you will more than likely fall into the lava. The lava will not kill you instantaneously but rather chip away at your health. Also, the lava does not not damage you at fixed intervals but at random, which makes getting out a little frustrating. Just for those of you adventurous folk, there is no secret path if you follow the lava trail. Your safest bet on crossing this small chasm is to grapple onto the wall in front of you. Jump to your left, over the lava, move down the room and grapple back onto another level.

Jump from the first platform to the second and look below you to find a wooden samurai. You may hear the sound of wheels turning, which is the sound of a Chibot. He is not in the room ahead, so kill the samurai and move ahead. In the next room you will find a wooden archer patrolling on a platform. It would be in your best interest to get up against the platform and kill the archer. The floor ahead of you is filled with hidden pitfalls to be careful when traversing. Hug against the left-hand side of the wall to find a doorway. If you will notice the top of the door-frame you will find that it has been fitted with a spear trap. Inside the room is the Chibot you heard from before. Wait until the Chibot turns away and roll under the spears. You can also move close to the spears to activate the trap then when the spears move up again walk through the opening. Hug either side of the door-frame and look to the passageway in the next room to find a patrolling archer. When he heads back into the hallway, stealth-kill it. Past the hallway is a pit. Is is just an obstacle, however, do not just walk off of it because there is a spear trap just below. You can easily pass this by a well-timed double-jump. Head up stairs but near the top, hug the right wall because a Chibot is waiting for you there. If he is heading right, remain where you are. When he turns to go left, wait for it to get closer to the corner before you go after it. Look up to find another passage. This small room seems to be a dead end, but upon further inspection you will notice circles along three walls. One of these is a secret door. The others are fakes. To activate the doors simply move onto the half circles and press your back to the wall (R1). Once through, hug the left-hand side wall to find a spear-guard. Keep following that wall into the next room and around the corner, now moving to the left wall to find an archer. Move through the room and there will be a drop. At the bottom you will see another secret door.

Once you go through the door, look up and to the left to find another passage. Use your grappling hook to gain access but do not pull yourself up just yet. As you hang you will notice a Chibot. Wait until he turns away, then kill him. Now, turn back around, toward where you entered the room, and jump to the other side of the room. As you enter this room, the door will slam shut and smoke bombs along with grenades will fill the room. Quickly run to the end of the room and look up. There is a small bridge where you can use your grappling hook to pull yourself up. From here, the path splits two ways(east & south). Going east will drop you back into the room where you entered via the secret door, so head south. Drop down and you will find another pit in front of you. On the beginning panels you will find pitfalls, so make sure to clear these by performing a double-jump first. When the time arises where you need to go up once again, be ready for an archer waiting for you. You will also find some onigiri next to him. At the top of the stairs, use the grappling hook to go higher, but be careful of the spear-guard playing sentry at the top. Go right and you will find a large drop. DO NOT FALL DOWN THIS! This is probably one of the most demanding traps to get out of due to the large number of spears involved. Look up and you will find a ledge. Go up this way. Upon pulling yourself up you will find a Chibot patrolling. Kill it, and move to the end of the hall. When the path splits left, do not follow it, because it is yet another trap. Look up to find terracing levels. Jump up these areas and you will find the path breaking left, displaying a grenade for all to see. This item is guarded by floors which break under your own weight and you will be thrown into another trap. If you want the item run straight to it pick it up and keep on running. Be quick !
Drop down to the first level. The path then breaks right or left. If you go left, you will be in the midst of the trap you would be in if you fell through the floor to get the grenade. Going right, you will want to keep close to the right side of the walls, but watch out for the secret doors along the wall. If you slide along them, you will be thrown into a room where the ceiling is slowly coming down on you. To escape, you must find another secret door. However, once exiting, you will be thrown into the view of a Chibot. Head down the hallway and notice the secret doors. One of them will take you to the room that holds the Stone of Power. This is a trap room and the ceiling slowly falls down on you. The Stone of Power is in the red box in the middle of the room. You have enough time, so no need to panic. Pick up the box and exit the room through the secret door next to the on you entered. Now follow the hallway to its end, jump the break in the path and stay close to the left side to find an archer. There is a section of the floor gone revealing a number of gears and cogs. Unless you want to end your mission here, I suggest not jumping in. Look up to find an opening in the wall. Use the grappling hook to get there. From here, get to the edge and look up & to the right to find another opening. Like before, do not fall into the cogs. Ahead you will see two guillotine blades falling from the ceiling at set intervals. Despite what it looks like, these are actually relatively easy to avoid. Wait for the archer ahead to walk away and jump into the pit and get all the way to the other side, hanging on the wall ready to pounce on the archer. Move on, jumping over the pit and ascending up the stairs to find the missing princess along with some unwanted ‘company’.

The good doctor and his doll Maihime can deal out some considerable damage if you are not careful. Luckily, Kimaira pretty much tells you what he’s going to do next. If he begins to spin, you can prepare to parry until he gets very slow then hit him with your own combo. Try to stay close to him or otherwise he will use his deadly machine gun. All items work considerably well, especially smoke bombs and grenades.

Grand Master Item
Invisibility Spell

Special Move
Feign Death