Call for Writers

I am looking for people interested to write articles for Tenchu games we haven’t covered yet.

The games in question are:

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (2008) – Platform: Wii, PlayStation Portable
Tenchu: Time of the Assassins (2005) – Platform: PlayStation Portable
Tenchu: Dark Secret (2006) – Platform: Nintendo DS
Tenchu Z (2006) – Platform: Xbox 360
Shadow Assault: Tenchu (2008) – Platform: Xbox Live Arcade

Each Tenchu game section follows roughly the same pattern. At a minimum there are articles on characters, items and missions (walk-through) in each game.
You may choose which game you would like to cover and what article(s). You don’t need any coding skills, only produce the content. All articles you post will be under your chosen name.
It would be great to find people who commit to bringing the sections of one or more games on the list alive. Of course I will be there to help along the way.
The requirements are that you have played the game you are going to cover and are willing to play it again to verify the content of your articles. You don’t need to be a native English speaker, but should be able to have a good grasp of it.

If you are interested reply here or email me: selenia (at) tenchu .de

There is also a forum topic for further discussion here: Forum Discussion

5 thoughts on “Call for Writers

  1. I am totally interested to help you!I would “love” to write an article here.Ehmm and i want to write about Tenchu SHadow Assassins for the Wii.Ibought it this year and i have played it 170hours.I know everything about this game!But i have to tell u that i am not a Native English Speaker and i am not very good with PC programs(I just want a page to write the article lol).Let me know if i can help 😉

      • Well if you dont know my email ask me^^
        Give me details about how exactly you want me to write these articles.For example when you say “walk-through” you want me to write every step to complete the mission?About Characters you want me to write what Rikimaru is doing in this Tenchu?(etc)

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