Through the Portal


  • Paths are not always obvious. Look up and down when lost.
  • Beware of guards armed with guns.

Mr. D CEO – Health: 250

Difficulty: Normal

Beat the game with Rikimaru, Ayame and Tesshu to unlock Rikimaru’s secret mission "Through the Portal".

If you havn’t played Tenchu: Stealth Assassins this mission might be a bit odd for you. So here is a brief explanation. At the end of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins Lord Mei-Oh kidnapped Princess Kiku. Rikimaru and Ayame are sent to rescue the Princess and to defeat Lord Mei-Oh. While Ayame frees Kiku, Rikimaru fights Lord Mei-Oh in a cave deep under the ground. Lord Mei-Oh is the king of hell and can travel between worlds using a magical portal. Rikimaru defeats Lord Mei-Oh who is afterwards sucked into the portal. The powerful vortex makes the cave collapse. In this moment Ayame and Kiku arrive at the cave. Rikimaru, Ayame and Kiku try to dodge the falling boulders. As they jump up the shaft leading to the surface a giant boulder falls down and blocks the way. Rikimaru lifts the boulder so Kiku and Ayame can escape. Then the last thing we see is Rikimaru being buried under the boulder. From the events of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven we know Rikimaru jumped through Lord Mei-Oh’s portal to escape from the cave. “Through the Portal” is meant to take place in a parallel universe and has no importance to the main Tenchu storyline at all. It is just one possibility of what Rikimaru could have encountered. As a matter of fact we don’t know what Rikimaru did the year he hid inside the portal and what adventures he experienced. When Rikimaru jumps out from the portal in the Limestone Cavern (mission "Find the Shichishito Sword") this is actually the same place he fought Lord Mei-Oh one year ago.

Because "Through the Portal" takes place before the events of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven you can’t use any of the special moves you unlocked during the game. If this wern’t enough you are only equipped with one rice ball, one healing potion, 3 caltrops and 3 shuriken/throwing knives.
The portal has taken to you into the future. You arrive next to a basketball field. In front of you is a car and 2 containers next to it. A bit above the containers a guard is patrolling. Press your back to the left wall and slowly approach the basketball cage and look left. There is another guard. He can overlook the whole area so avoid him. When he walks up the stairs run over to the car on your right side and climb on the containers. Crouch and wait for the guard above you to come closer. While you crouch the guard left to you won’t see you. When the guard above you turns around wait for him to turn around after 3 steps again. When he turns around again jump up and stealth kill him.
Hide behind the rubbish bins and look around the corner until the other guard arrives. He will stand there for a while and look into your direction, as he turns around and walks towards the stairs run to him for a stealth kill from behind. Don’t worry you have enough time. Move closer to the door. Hug the wall and look inside the room. There is another guard walking towards you. He will turn around and walk away from you and then turn around again. Then he will walk behind the beam, this is your chance to take him out. Notice the big pipes on the left side. There is a small opening leading to another big pipe laying on the floor. Crouch and roll through this opening and stay crouched! There is another guard behind the pipe. As long as you crouch he won’t see you. Wait until he turns around , jump above the pipe and take him out. Leave the room.

You are standing on some sort of bridge. To your right are some pipes and a guard behind a big fence. To your left is a guard standing. He either faces the north wall or looks east. He changes he positions quite quickly so you have to be fast. When he looks north do a double jump to him and stealth kill him. You have to time this quite good though. A little hint when he looks east and does a step forward and then turns north he will quickly turn east again. But when he doesn’t make this step forward when looking east he will most likely do this step while looking at the north wall, which gives you more time to prepare his doom. When he is dead get on the pipe without being seein by the guard. You can’t climb the fence but a bit above the fence on its left side is a ledge you can grapple too. It is a bit difficult to see as it blends perfectly with the walls. Get on that ledge and drop down on the pipes. The guard beyond just walks left and right. When he walks to the right side and stands beyind the pipes, drop down for an easy kill. Get back unto the pipes and follow their left bend. Look down and see a place from where you can crouch beyond the pipes.

You arrive at a heavily guarded car park. This is the trickiest section of the mission. The small carpark is guarded by 3 guards. Left to you is a guard walking up and down, in the far and is a guard walking from left to right (he is armed with a gun) and hidden behind the beams is a third one. There are several strategies here, but at first get up and hide behind the beam in front of you. Now you can either throw the poison rice to one of the guards to cause a little confusion and make them leave their movements or you do this: Hug to the beam and look around the corner at the standing guard. In the far end you will notice the guard armed with a gun. When he walks out of your vision field and the standing guard looks left quickly stealth kill him and cancel the stealth kill animation (press circle). Run back to the beam and hide behind it. Soon the other 2 guards will find their dead comrade. When they have calmed down wait for the guard to your left side to turn around and stealth kill him then run back and hide behind the beam. Of course the gun guard has to be on the right side when you kill him. The last guard will find his dead friend soon. Luckily he doesn’t call the police or an ambulance so you can run from beam to beam and take him out too. Well done. Now look up to see some sort of bridge. Use your grappling hook to reach it and crouch through the opening into the ventilation shaft.

Follow the shaft until you see a hole where you can drop down into the lobby. A guard is standing at the desk kindly looking into the other direction. Take him out and go to see what he was staring at. Hug the left wall and look around the corner. Another guard is watching the elevators. When he turns his back to you kill him and prepare for a ride with the elevator. Walk carefully around the corner. Another guard blocking the door you have to go through. He just moves up and down, so stealth kill him when he walks away from you. Enter the room.
The ultimate evil Mr. D CEO awaits you. He will probably give you the hardest time in the whole game. So don’t give up if you can’t beat him at first. There is only one of his attacks you have to fear. If you turn your back to him or stand close to him without attacking he will grab you, electrocute you and hit you a couple of times with his swords dealing a lot of damage. We want to hinder him from using this attack at any costs. His other attacks are harmless. Don’t fear his energy shots. While he uses this attack he is vulnerable and you can easily dodge the energy ball. As he runs towards you prepare for your attack. I found the crouch and kick attack especially helpful, since you can take him off his feet this way than stab him when he lays on the floor. Well do 2 or 3 slashes of whatever your fav combo is then retreat by jumping backwards. Don’t run away from him, always use the backwards jump (strife or roll backwards, whatever you prefer). You can try hitting him with your 3 shuriken from a save distance. Try to lure him towards you. If he is trying to use his energy shot attack (his arm glows then and he points his hand it at you) jump at him for some easy hits. Throw caltrops behind you and lure him unto them. When he holds his feet attack him and repeat. Try not to step on the caltrops yourself.
Beat him and enjoy the beautiful ending. A world without evil, allowing Rikimaru and Ayame to put away their weapons and live like normal people.

Grand Master Item

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