Assassinate the Evil Tenrai B

Written by Tibolt & Selenia


  • Prepare for the final battle!
  • Some Jonin have Shuriken for you.
  • Use the Grappling Hook wisely.

Tenrai 1st form – Health: 150
Tenrai 2nd form – Health: 200
Tenrai 3rd form – Health: 200 (only if you mixed Izayoi with the Shichishito sword)

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 19
Max Score: 840/845

Use the grappling hook to reach the ledge above and drop off the other side, making sure you keep close to the wall on your right using R1. Wait a little and a martial arts expert will appear. When he turns around to turn dispose of him from behind. Go around the corner and hug the left hand side until you reach the second candle, then stop. Wait for the man around the corner to turn around and begin walking back, before killing him. Climb up the ledge in front and make sure to hide behind either of the sides parts, pay attention to the martial arts expert across the pitfall in front wait for him to start walking right, then jump over the pitfall and kill him.

Now go down the ramp into the room ahead, hug the left hand side of the corridor and when you reach the junction, you’ll see a red Jonin around the corner wait for him to turn around and then kill him. Go back to the junction and go forward a little in a small nook there will be a martial arts expert, wait for him to look in the direction that is away from you and then quickly kill him before he sees you. Turn around to see a little opening in the wall to the right side of the room, climb up. Follow the passage around a bit, then when you reach the U-turn in the corridor use R1 to look around the corner. There will be a Kunoichi just around the corner, wait for her to come close and then turn around before killing her, be quick and don’t let her walk too far or you will be spotted by the martial arts expert hidden in the little nook on the right wall. To kill him, hug the wall he is on and wait for him to look away from you then get him quickly before he sees you.

Carry on moving forward and you’ll come to a room with 3 pillars in it, climb up the smallest one then jump to the next and from here grapple to the tallest of the 3, as you climb up be sure to crouch to avoid being seen by the martial arts expert across the way, when he begins to walk to the right jump across and kill him. Carry on moving forward until you reach the room with a huge hole in the floor, jump along the little platforms and jump to the ledge adjacent to where you started from here you’ll be able to see the Jonin around the corner but he won’t see you if you crouch, wait for him to look away before attempting to kill him. Follow the walkway to the huge opening in front of you, climb the ledges all the way up until the final one which leads into a room with 2 martial arts experts in, wait for the martial expert furthest away to have gone out of sight and the closest one has begun walking right, then climb up and kill the one that’s closest, then run across the room into the next that has a set of stairs in, you could go back and kill the other martial arts expert if you wish so. Climb the stairs here and grapple into the room filled with writing above. Go up the stairs and grapple up to the doorway leading out. Make sure to crouch when leaving the room as there is a Jonin to your right, wait for him to look away then jump over to his platform and kill him.

From there jump across to the platform being held up by chains and follow it around the corner, then jump to the platform in front, then crouch and look left, there should be another Jonin, wait for him to start walking right then jump across and kill him. Follow the ledge along then jump across and down to where the item box is, from there grapple up to the tiny ledge just in front of the bars and climb over. Next climb up the ledge to your left. Now follow this corridor until it meets a drop down into a room with big lanterns in, peer over the edge and after a while a martial arts expert will appear from round the corner, wait for him to start walking out of sight before jumping down and killing him. Follow the corridor until you see an opening on the left, hug the wall and look around the corner, there will be another guy here, just wait for him to be facing the other way and then just go in and kill him. Go through the big door ahead to face the evil Tenrai.

Tenrai in his first form basically only uses 2 attacks, that can be easily avoided by using the super jump (directional button + XX). He will either throw lightning bolts at you or have deadly spikes come out of the floor. In both cases use the super jump to dodge his spells and get close to him. Once you are close to him be as offensive as you can. Tenrai might teleport away, so don’t get impatient! Stay calm and use your jumping abilities.

If you have a few spare health potions or ninja rebirths you could chance killing him in one blow with the Wrath of Heaven, the most effective way of doing this is by knocking him over and performing the move while he is lay down so that he is hit by it as he stands up, then afterwards quickly drink a health potion.
After a cut scene, you’ll face Tenrai again, this time he has a few new attacks and he inflicts more damage. He can poison you with his green gaze, so try to avoid being touched by it.
You can’t hurt Tenrai in his 2nd form. The best way is to quickly attack him and keep on attacking until another cutscene takes place.

Depending on your earlier choice in Mission 6 ‘Retrieve the steel for Ressai’ you may have to fight yet another of Tenrai’s forms, but this time the Izayoi is powered up so you inflict a lot more damage making this fight incredibly easier.
After Tenrai is defeated you’ll be treated to the games ending.

Grand Master Item
Binding Spell

Special Move
Wrath of Heaven