Assassinate the Evil Tenrai A

Written by Chris


  • Beware of the Martial Artists
  • A Sticky Bomb is a useful item

Onikage – Health: 200

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 27
Max Score: 995

Assassinate the Evil Tenrai (Part A) is mostly a linear level, in that you have little
choice about the direction you do things, except for a large cavern which is about a
third of the way into the level. This actually makes the level easy to Grandmaster –
just try and kill all enemies.

First start by killing the Red Jonin to your left. Slowly creep through the broken timbers
and kill the next Red Jonin. Beyond the precipice patrols a Kunoichi with a Red Jonin standing guard.
The best approach is to jump on to the rooftop kill the Kunoichi as the Jonin turns his back.
Quickly retreat behind the hut (collecting a health potion) and kill the Jonin when he
returns to ? mode. Continue onwards and climb up left. This platform provides an excellent killing spot
for the patrolling Kunoichi. You are now close to the big cavern area. Eliminate the Red Jonin nearest the entrance and remain crouched on the corpse – there are many enemies
close at hand. Best bet is to roll left and kill the Kunoichi. Almost directly above her is a ledge upon which
you will find a red box item. Now make you way to the Red Jonin by the crates – kill him.
It is better now to ignore the next Red Jonin and kill the Kunoichi beyond him, then you can return to kill him.

Over the other side of the cavern patrols a Martial Artist and a Kunoichi. Kill them for
extra points if you wish. A grenade can also be found in the bottom left corner of the cavern.
Consult your map and head in the direction of the passageway leading out the other side of the
cavern. Kill the Martial Artist guarding the stairs. Pass up the stairs, keeping a close eye on your ki meter. Two Martial Artists patrol this area.
Bide your time and wait until the nearest enemy reappears before going for the kill. Opposite the cannons
is a hollow where you will find a smoke bomb – always useful! Around the next corner
patrols a Red Jonin – a very easy kill. Pass up the stairs and hug the wall near the top.
Kill the wandering Martial Artist before grappling high above.

Straight ahead is a Martial Artist on a platform, he shouldn’t see you if you roll
right beneath him. Then pop up and disembowel him. Head forward turning left at the end – don’t fall –
and pass over the bridge. Beyond the next corner is a Martial Artist. Head to the platform in front
of you and grab hold of it. Peer around to see a Red Jonin. Take him out when he’s not looking.
Patrolling below this platform is another Red Jonin, it would be unlucky should he have seen you
kill his friend, but this can occasionally happen, so be aware of it. Kill him and pass the crates.
To the left are more crates upon which a rice potion lies. Continue down the passageway
and kill the next Martial Artist.

The passageway opens up to a smallish cavern. Below is a Kunoichi, but be aware of the Red Jonin
who might see you far right. Kill the Kunoichi when she has moved left. After killing both these enemies
there is an opportunity for an impressive jumping stealth kill onto the Kunoichi on the guard tower below.
On the next guard tower is a healing potion. Not far now, continue along. In the next room is a Martial Artist
immediately right, and another who patrols on the left. Once they are dead head to the doors to
face your nemesis Onikage.

The strategy for Onikage is simple. Immediately fire a Sticky Bomb at him, this will be insurance for when
he tries to heal himself. Use attacks wisely and block. The leg sweep combo works well. When he attacks with his
full roundhouse combo (4 or 5 kicks) there is an opportunity to go for a big combo as he is vulnerable.
As soon as he tries to heal detonate the bomb!

Grand Master Item
Decoy Whistle

Special Move
Wrath of Heaven