Infiltrate the Buddha Temple


  • Don’t jump into pit falls to find a secret path!
  • Monks equipped with blow guns can poison you.
  • There is more than one way leading to the Buddha statue. Red marked points on the map show doors or special items.

Kagura – Health: 50 , Ganda – Health: 200 (regenerates)
Tatsumaru – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 20
Max Score: 865

First of all get rid of the monk equipped with a spear around the corner. There are 3 red beams. Grapple up to the middle beam and crawl through the opening into the building. To your right you can enter a corridor or go downwards. Enter the corridor and take care of another spear monk. Go up the wooden stairs and finish off the unarmed monk. Go to the room exit and drop down into a room with a stone floor. There are 2 ways to leave this room, through a corridor straight ahead guarded by a monk or you go to the right side of the room where a grenade lies and grapple up to the red beam. Ignore the corridor and use the grappling hook to reach the beam. You see another opening in the wall. Crouch through it until you come to a wooden platform. Opposite to your wooden platform is another one. Grapple to it and kill the spear monk guarding it. Follow the path until you reach another monk. The monk’s fate should be clear. Follow the wooden bridge until its end and turn right. Ignore the guard and path beyond you. Jump into the next room. To your right is another monk, stealth kill him and follow the path around a corner. Jump down into a room with wooden floor. Leave the room and look up. Use the grappling hook to get up. In front of you is a wooden barrier and a large pit. At the end of the pit is a platform with the “Fugaku sword”.

It is a bit tricky to get across the pit but it can be done. Follow the instructions on the picture below to get the Fugaku sword:

After you picked up the Fugaku you must go back to X1 and follow the corridor until you reach a dead end. In the left wall is another hole you can crouch through. Now look up. All you have to do is go upwards with your grappling hook until you reach the place in front of the temple. It is guarded by a monk with spear and a bit in the distance a bear. Once you have made it to this point there are 2 ways into the temple. Look up from the point where you came up and see a wooden platform in front of you. Use the grappling hook to reach it and enter the temple. Follow the corridor until you reach the room with the Buddha statue.

Kagura and Ganda are already waiting for you. Kagura casts a regeneration spell on Ganda. Ignore Ganda in the upcoming boss fight and try to kill Kagura. Kagura can teleport. Listen to her voice to find out where she is. Ganda is very slow, just run through the room and search for Kagura.
After you kill Kagura, Tatsumaru will show up and kill Ganda. You have to fight Tatsumaru next. He is very fast, so try to slow him down with smoke bombs, grenades or whatever item you prefer.

Grand Master Item

Special Move
Ninja Mind Control