Retrieve the Jewel of Heaven


  • Beware of pitfalls.
  • Use the grappling hook to your advantage.
  • Watch out for the Dokuto swords.

Ganda – Health: 200

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 27 + Ganda
Max Score: 1000

The mission starts with a fight against Ganda, who wants to hinder you from entering the temple and retrieving the Jewel of Heaven. Ganda’s attacks deal a lot of damage, so you are best to equip yourself with some health potions. To beat him without items stay out of his attack range, then use the forward attack (push left analogue stick twice forward and press square) to get quickly close to him. Follow this up by the somersault attack combo. Your kicks won’t take Ganda off his feet, so it is important that you quickly retreat once you have finished your attack combo, by either rolling backwards, jumping backwards or using a sidestep. Repeat this strategy until you have killed him. If you stay too close to Ganda he will grab you and use his special moves, so give him no chance!Using items will make the fight a lot easier. I found the exploding arrow, grenade, super shuriken and the blow gun most useful. Ganda does not run a lot, so if you stay a distance from him he won’t follow you and you have enough time to aim the exploding arrow (or any other item) at him. He will move a bit left and right while you are aiming, but his movement is pretty slow, so it is easy to predict his next step.

So you have beaten Ganda, but you have no time to rest. Press your back against the right wall and look around the corner. You see a monk armed with a spear looking in your direction, the ceiling above his standing point is where we want to go. Next he will turn left, walk a few steps and get back to the position he came from. There is not enough time to stealth kill him when he turns left, so the first task is to get a little closer to him. Once the monk turns left, run towards the position he used to stand and use the cling to ceiling move (aim grappling hook at the ceiling and while you use it hold R1). From that position we can see a second monk patrolling outside. If you are not quick enough he will spot you before you can stealth kill the first one. Wait for the first monk to move right below you and as he turns left drop down and stealth kill him. Now for safety reasons go a little back, so the 2nd monk can’t see you and wait for his reactions. Eventually he will spot the corpse and investigate. In this case go back to the mission’s start position and hide there until he has calmed down. When he has gone back to his patrolling route crouch towards him. As he turns around run towards him for a stealth kill from behind. Go to the edge of the wooden roof and look down. You will see two platforms beyond you. Move above the right platform and turn your back to the waterfalls (pit area). Hold R2 while you slowly move backwards until you fall down and Ayame grabs the roofs’ ledge. Drop down unto the platform and press R1 to land softly and stay in crouching position. In front of you is a monk patrolling from left to right. Look to the far left to see a healing potion. Wait for the monk to reach the furthest right position of his route. Once he turns left, get up and take him out. Pick up the healing potion. Move towards the doors, they won’t open. Move backwards and look up until you see a hole in the ceiling. Use your grappling hook to get upwards. You will have to hang there for a while because a spear monk is looking in your direction. He will do that for quite some time, just to turn right and turn back at once, so be patient. Your only chance for a stealth kill is to wait until he turns around himself once. When he starts that move quickly climb up to perform a side stealth kill. Above where you are 2 more monks patrol; you can stealth kill them or ignore them. Leave this area through an opening in the left wall. Look down and left to see a platform. Do a short left jump down to the platform. Jump to the opposite platform and pick up the smoke bomb. Turn right and get onto another platform leading inside the mountain. As you land push R1 and crouch close to the lantern. Inside the mountain is a spear monk guarding. Wait at the corner on the right side of the lantern. Once the monk inside turns around to get deeper into the mountain follow him and stealth kill him from behind. Follow the path through the mountain. Walk up the stairs and turn left. After half the length of the passage hug the left wall and slowly approach the corner. Look around the corner. This is quite a difficult area guarded by a monk and a bear. The monk has quite a long movement pattern that gets very close to the bear. Both enemies have a good view over the whole area, so you have to be extra cautious! When the monk goes left and passes by the beam in front of you, get around the corner and hug the left wall. The monk will turn and move towards you, but won’t see you. He will stay close to you for a couple of seconds, then turn around, walk 3 steps and turn to your direction again. Wait until he turns right and starts walking. Run left and stand at the right side of the beam. Use your grappling hook to climb up the wall in front of you. Remember that position, we will go back there to take out the monk and bear later on. In front of you is another monk guarding another opening into the mountain. He is too far away to see you, but get into stealth mode anyway. As the monk walks right, run and hide behind the beam in front of you. The monk patrols from left to right, so either run to him when he turns right or left to stealth kill him. Turn around and look up for some wooden construction. Use your grappling hook to get on it and see a red box in front of you. Pick it up to get 2 eggs. Now return to the position I told you to remember. Wait until the monk moves towards the opening in the mountain and jump down for another stealth kill. His corpse should be hidden nicely behind the beam. Get back up to where you came from and watch the bears movement pattern. If you are an inexperienced player don’t attempt to stealth kill the bear. It has a good vision, not easily to predict and is a tough opponent in fights. It has 300 health and some strong attacks. It will be difficult to escape from it in that area too. Exit the area through the opening in the mountain. At first this path looks like a dead end, turn left and look up. Grapple up and follow the path deep inside the mountain. At the end is an abyss with 2 platforms. Notice the red box in front of you. There are several ways to cross it, but we are going to jump to the lowest. Now face the higher platform and grapple to it. Go grab the red box for some extra shuriken/throwing knives. Turn around, go back and look up. You can grapple up left and right. Grapple up to you left where a monk is standing. He looks in your direction then turns left, turns back and so on. You have to find a good timing to climb up and take him out when he turns left. After you killed him jump to the opening to your right hand. From here you have two possibilities, you can go right or straight ahead. Notice the beehive in front of you and go straight ahead. At the end drop down and turn left. You are standing in front of a big L-shaped pit. In its center the Dokuto swords (poisoned swords) are hidden. The pit looks more dangerous than it is. There are several ways to cross the pit. Here is my version: At first do a long jump to the wooden plank in front of you. Jump half right to the area between 2 beams. There is a crouching trick you can use to cross the whole pit. Crouch (hold R1) and move close to the beam then crouch on the tiny ledge next to it to the next niche. It will look as if you are crouching on air, that’s normal don’t worry. To your left you will see long wood pieces attached to the wall. You can stand on them, crouch on them and grab them. Either way use them to get to the wooden platform in the middle. Drop down on it and follow the short path to pick up the red box holding the Dokuto swords. Get back to the platform and turn left. Grapple all way to the end of the pit. Keep the controller quiet and Aya will grab the ledge. Turn left and look up. There is a hole. Grapple upwards on the beam, drop down and go over to the right end of this room. Look up to see a hole leading to the temple. Get on the beam, then turn right and get outside. Walk to the door ahead you and enter the temple.

Follow the corridor until its blocked ahead by barrels. Look up to see a path above the barrels. At the end drop down and hug the right wall as you approach the opening leading into the main temple room with the Buddha statue. Look around the corner to see a monk patrolling up and down. Inside the main temple room there is second monk armed with a spear that you can’t see from your position. The first monk will move towards you, then turn around and walk 2 steps, just to turn around looking at your direction again. He turns around again and walks away from you. Now enter the main temple room and grapple to the wooden cradle above you. Use your grappling hook to get on it. Observe the room and see the second monk in the center of it. If you had stealth killed the first one he would have seen you. Wait until the first monk walks to the position you just came from. Once he has left the second monk’s field of vision get down and finish him off. Get back on the cradle and walk to the right side. When you are a bit right of the pedestal with the fire descend and hug the pedestal ‘s wall to get closer to the spear monk. His movement pattern is easy. Timing is everything. It is your goal to reach a wooden plank at the top center of the room. You will need to climb your way through the cradle to reach it. Next to the point you need to reach is a monk guarding. You can either stealth kill him or climb on the plank when he does not see you. Either way once you reach the plank you will meet Tatsumaru, just to find out you are too late to retrieve the Jewel of Heaven.

Grand Master Item

Special Move
Wall Kick