Rescue Counsel Sekiya

Written by Chris


  • Watch out for pitfalls! Certain death awaits.
  • Use stealth when walking through water.
  • Use your grappling hook for pitfalls rather than trusting your jumping techniques.
  • Look up and down when lost.

Spirit Wolf – Health: 200
Kagura – Health: 60

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 23 (+ 3 wolves)
Max Score: 980

This mission has two objectives. First you must rescue the imprisoned Sekiya from the Limestone Caverns and secondly you must create a passageway to enable Gohda’s forces to confront Tenrai. Although the caverns are intertwined there is in essence only one route, however for the more expert ninja you can take a scenic route and pick up some items along the way. Your first aim is to make it to a medium sized cavern. Ignore going to the lake and watchtower area, unless you wish to acquire a sticky bomb. Instead kill the Red Jonin and continue further into the caverns taking the left turn. Beyond which is a wolf.

Make your way over the pitfall to your right, use the grappling hook to be sure of crossing it. This path leads to the medium cavern with two enemies, a Red Jonin and a Kunoichi. If you wish to take the more difficult path and collect those items (grenade, health potion) then head left out of the cavern for a route via the sea.

Alternatively grapple up to the limestone pathway above your head where another Kunoichi patrols. This is now where most people get lost. The first hole you come across is not a pitfall! Look down to check, before dropping below. This now allows you to access the path beyond the large pitfall with the broken bridge. You can now drop to the area below to your right. As you enter the cell areas you will find Sekiya and he will inform you of the second objective. Collect the Box of Explosives in the cell which is concealed by the barrels. Proceed up and drop to a watery area with plank walkways guarded by many Shikagami spirits. Make for the far right corner to find the path to the large cavern, after killing the Red Jonin grapple up to the walkway and head into the large cavern. There is a Kunoichi which will need picking off on the far side, a blow gun should do it. Place the bomb in front of the large boulder and retreat until it explodes – note that if you place the bomb too close to the boulder you will just recollect it. Pass through the void it creates to meet Kagura and her pet. Kagura has a low health and despite being able to shield some attack is week against the final kick in Ayame’s combo. Ignore the Ginat Wolf, and concentrate your attacks on Kagura. When she disappears relocate her and continue your attack.

Grand Master Item
Dog Bone

Special Move
Ninja Mind Control