Escape from Amagai Castle

Written by Blue Ninja & Selenia


  • Your enemies are robots.
  • Watch out for half-circles on the floor. They represent secret doors. Stand upon a half circle and press your back to the wall to activate a secret door. All secret doors only work in one direction!
  • Use stealth to overcome your enemies and save time. You only have 20 minutes to reach the bottom of Amagai Castle.
  • Stay alert stay alive! The castle is full of traps!
  • Stairs are marked by red squares on the map.
  • The “Stone of Power” is hidden inside Amagai Castle.

Dr. Kimaira – Health: 150

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 19
Max Score: 840

You start the mission with a fight against Dr. Kimaira. As long as you stay close to him he won’t use his machine gun, so don’t ever run away from him. The standard 3-hit+kick combo should be enough to finish him off. Try to block all his moves, esepecially his spinning attack. He will spin very fast, then become a little bit slower then spin fast again. Block the whole time and strike back when he gets slower the 2nd time. Dr. Kimaira won’t appreciate your victory and releases poisonous gas. You must reach the bottom of the castle within the next 20 minutes or die!

Once you have defeated Dr. Kimaira head straight down the stairs in front of you. When you reach the bottom look to the left and see if there is an archer standing opposite. Jump down and pick up a ninja rebirth hidden in a red box to your left . Move closer the archer , hang to the ledge and wait for the archers to get into a good stealth kill position. Turn to the left and you will find yourself faced with a sunken floor and two dropping blades. To pass, simply wait for the blade closest to you to drop and then go down and move to the 2nd blade and stop in front of it. When the 2nd blade goes up jump out.

Once across, head straight. You will now see a room below you full of spinning clogs where the floor should be.One touch will be fatal, so precision is required. There is but one way across – a large jump (press forward and double xx to perform a large jump)! Face the passageway visible to the lower left of the room. Just ahead you will find another drop, again with more clogs. But this time its only a small jump across it, the main problem it is being patrolled by a spear-man. When he turns to the left, jump over the cogs and dispose of him. Now turn left and crouch beside the wall on the left. Look to the right and watch the guard on the bridge. Quickly kill him when he turns away and then jump the gap to the left. Head around to the right and go into the corridor. Run along the left wall and press your back against the wall at the end. Kill the guard when he turns his back. Look on the floor. You will see-half circles on it. One of it leads into the room with the “Stone of Power”. Stand on the half-circle and press your back to the wall to activate the door.

Once you enter the room the roof will start to lower onto you, but don’t worry, you have plenty of time. Pick up the red box from the center of the room and then leave by the door to the left of the one you entered by. Turn left and jump up onto the ledge on the right. Watch the guard’s movements and kill him as he turns away from you. Now jump up to the next level and turn right, watching for falling floorboards and collect the health drink.

Now drop to the lower level and place your back against the wall to the right. You will see a spear-man you know what to do. Head on forward, turn right and flip down to the blue and white floor tiles, being careful not to fall into the trap in the process. Go left and jump down to the lower level. Press your back against the left wall and head down the stairs. When you get the end of the wall you will see an archer. Watch him and learn his movements and kill him when the time is right.

Head around the corner and drop down. The only dip of the three in front of you that you can safely enter is the one to your left which contains a health drink – get it. Head forward and jump up onto the higher platform, then jump up to the left and hang from the ledge until you see an archer. When he turns back, kill him, then climb up.
Now you must drop down to the right – the left is potentially lethal. Press your back against the wall to see a guard. When he’s dead use the secret door beside the cells on the right. Once in this passageway, jump up to the ledge on the right to collect the sticky bomb. Drop back down and head on. When you reach the end of the passage climb up to the ledge on the right and kill the spear-man. Once done, turn right and enter the trapdoor on the left. You have to be extra careful at this point so a not to be discovered.

Press your back against the wall on the right and watch the guard. When he turns, crawl out and destroy him. Do not run as the floorboards are squeaky and will alert the guards, use stealth to move on the floorboards! Crawl to the left and when you reach the criss-crossed floorboards, stand up and press your back against the wall on the left. When the guard turns kill him. (These floorboards are silent, so you can run towards the guard.) Head out of the secret door ahead of you and turn right. Watch the guard, learn his movements and kill him when the time comes.

Run down the stairs and crouch at the bottom. Watch the archer opposite carefully and when he turns to the left, use your grappling hook on the wall behind him to pull yourself over and kill him. Once he is disposed of, head left and crouch by the door and watch the guard at the door to the left. When he turns around, kill him. Crawl under the trap at the next doorway and enter the room.

Run around to the right, watching for falling floorboards, and stand against the right wall. Observe the archer in the next doorway and destroy him the second he turns away. Head left and begin to crawl, turning right. Spears will fire over your head. Wait for them to disappear and stand up, collecting the health drink but being sure not to make any big movements. Try to crawl when moving here. Use your hook to clamber up to the platform above. Drop down ahead and watch the archer. When he turns left, jump over the lava and kill him. Turn around, jump up to the higher level and collect the health drink. Then turn right, jump across to the platform and drop down. Head to the left and enter the room to face an old Nemisis and meet an old friend.


You have two options. The choice you make will determine the outcome of the story!

Grand Master Item
Ninja Armor

Special Move
Feign Death