Go to the Red House of Zennosuke

Written by poisoned_ninja & Selenia


  • Never harm the innocents!
  • Beware of enemies on the roofs.
  • Use stealth to move silently through water.
  • Exits to other areas are marked by red squares on the map.

Tesshu Fujioka – Health: 100
Hyakubake(disguised as Rikimaru) – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 21
Max Score: 875

Map 1: 5 guards/3 innocents
Where you start off there is a Kunoichi on the roof to your left and a civilian woman to your right. you are better off taking out the ninjas on the roof out first. Kill the Kunoichi on the roof near the start before she hops roof to roof. To your left, kill the ninja on the far roof.

At the south east rooftop by the bridge is a health potion. There is one last ninja that sticks to the roofs. He’s at the north west of the map. Wait until he drops down to kill him. Move east along the north houses, there is a ninja on the ground, Dispatch him and note your exit is a small crawl space marked red on the map. On the map there is a L shaped fence to the south, there is one final ninja. Close to him you will find a smoke bomb and grenade in the corner. Exit the area by crawling through the space next to the lamp.

Map 2: 8 guards & 1 innocent
Be careful when you crawl out ! Only use stealth to move while in water or you will alert your enemies. You can either walk silent in the water by crouching and rolling (R1 + direction + circle) or by strafing (R2 + direction). To your right you will find 2 guards talking to each other. Wait until they stop talking and split up. Wait until the far guard turns and the near guard returns back to the start to get the max distance between them. Then take out the near guard. You don’t have much time, so head back to the river and wait until he discovers the corpse. When he goes back to “?” he will make his way back and you can take him out. Move along the wall north and kill the Kunoichi around
the corner. In the stream, there is a claw ninja, he’s next. Return along the wall to the south and roll along up to the platform where the Kunoichi is on, kill her and take out the ninja below. And north of the platform is a health snack and the red package contains a Ninja Rebirth. There’s also a smoke bomb at the wall intersection.Climb on the roof to the north there is a civilian below. Wait until he turns and hop to the bridge, then go behind the house. Grapple to the roof, there is a ninja to the north and a Kunoichi at the east. Kill them when their patrols do not intersect. Exit through the big doors.

Map 3: 3 guards
Double jump up to the barrel to your right. Stick to the barrels, duck and make your way east. Your first ninja kill should be out of sight here. Get back on the barrel quickly. If that body is not discovered, take out the Kunoichi and then the other ninja. There is a health potion to the north east. Exit through the double doors to the south.\

Map 4: 5 guards & 2 innocents
Avoid the civilian and turn to the left crawl around the light, to the east, and notice a Kunoichi on the second roof. Drop down on to the first roof nearest the wall. Note there is a civilian on the ground. Take out the Kunoichi when she is nearest to you. There is a poison antidote east of that roof. Jump on to the tall east roof and down to the smaller roof. There is a Kunoichi in front of the double doors and a ninja in the street to the south, take him out first. Then return to the side of the slope to kill the girl. There is a red star on the map to denote the red house. A ninja is guarding the house entrance and a claw ninja patrols near by the west slopes. Take the ninja in front of the house first! Enter the red house.

At first you have to fight Tesshu Fujioka. Stay close to him so he won’t use his throwing weapons on you. You only have to reduce Tesshu’s health to around 75 points, so no big deal. After you have beaten Tesshu, you will face Rikimaru (or better Hyakubake disguised as Rikimaru). Remember quickness beats strength! Easy way to defeat him is: Get to a higher platform and wait till Rikimaru climbs up and then hit him, repeat that. Rikimaru will use items, heal himself and also power himself up.

Grand Master Item
Fire Spell

Special Move
Cling to Ceiling