Retrieve the Yoto Swords

Written by Cygnus2012


  • The Yoto swords (Kasumi and Shizuku) will not drain your life beyond 1.
  • Stone Seals glow red. Hit them with your swords to destroy them.
  • Stone Seals are marked by red circles on the map.

Giant Headless Samurai – Health: 200


  • Bloodleak: 3-9 damage (Chain hits)
  • Underhand slash: 15-20 damage (Blockable)
  • Overhand slash: 10-17 damage (Blockable)
  • Slash Combo: 10-17 damage (If first hit connects, cannot block 2nd hit)
  • Cleaver Grab: 15-20 damage (Unblockable)

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 21
Max Score: 875

This level was very irritating for me, mainly because I’m the type of player that enjoys being a perfectionist. This entails the complete annihilation of every enemy on the map. Yet, when you begin this mission you come to the realization that such a concept is not possible this time around. Basically, you are on the hunt for these mystical weapons called the Yoto swords, which is said to be able to vanquish the undead. The swords are protected by 5 magical stone seals which you must find and destroy. Your standard weapons can’t hurt or kill the dead. In other words, every enemy you see, other than ninjas, are unaffected by your attacks, SO DON’T TRY! Enough babble, lets go!

If you are familiar with Rikimaru’s Cemetary mission (Retrieve the steel for Ressai!) then you’ll recognize that where you begin as Ayame is where you ended with Rikimaru. In essence, we are just backtracking to a point. From the start, head left and you’ll notice in the distance a Manji demon. These enemies are pretty easy to take down when they’re alone like that one is, but YOU CAN’T take it out because you’ll do a whopping ZERO damage to it. Sneak off to the right and you’ll come across your first ninja. When he turns his back, jump on his head and rotate it a few times. From there, take the high ground and scout the area. Directly in front of you is a sealed door. To your left is an undead swordsman. To your right is your first Stone Seal. When the swordsman turns away, drop down and break the seal. After doing so, the sealed door is now open, and you can proceed to the next area.

Upon entering the corridor, hug the right-hand wall to find a ninja patrolling. When he turns around you will not have enough time to stealth kill him just by running up on him. You must either jump kill him or, how I found it easier to do, double-jump completely over him, turn, and kill. The ahead path will end in a ‘T’. To the right is a smoke bomb and a dead end. To the left is the way to continue. Beware of the ninja around this corner. Follow this path and you’ll get to a room filled with blood and an undead swordsman. Watch the swordsman carefully. When he is moving to the right (which is a dead end), double-jump from your location to the left, making sure to hold down the R1 button so as to not make any noise upon impact. From there, either roll to the end or hold R2 and sneak to avoid splashing. Use the grappling hook to move on. Hug the left wall to find a Manji demon just walking around. He will eventually go into a hallway to the left. Do not follow him. Continue going straight. In the distance there is an undead archer. Just before getting to the archer, there is another break in the path to the left. This leads to some onigiri x 2. Now, watch the archer. When he decides to go right, go right behind him to the left. Going right is a dead end. Doors will be closing behind you, but it is nothing to worry about. Towards the end of the path, make sure to hug the right wall to spy a Manji demon and, behind it, the second Stone Seal. When the demon leaves to the right, go ahead and break the 2nd seal and wait there. The demon will come back, but will not look in the direction of the seal. The demon will move for you to pass. Not a lot, but enough. After taking the 1st turn, back up against the right-hand wall to find a ninja.

When entering the clearing, you note that on your right is a large picket fence. Scale this fence, but do not go over it. Notice the archer to the left, and behind him, there’s the 3rd Stone Seal, guarded by a ninja. From where you are now, go as far right as possible, away from the archer, to the perimeter ropes. Follow this all the way to the stone face in approximately the middle of the area. Be sure to watch out for the ghost head to the right of the stone face and keep jumping to avoid the hands attempting to grab you from below. Keep low, and you’ll notice there’s a trench just in front of the Stone Seal. Jump in and wait for the right time to strike the enemy ninja. After doing so, destroy the 3rd Stone Seal. Just 2 more to go! From there, take the high ground, watch out for the ghost head to the right, and run for the tunnel entrance to the left.

Run down the passageway, make the 1st turn, then back into the right-hand side wall to find a drop in the path being patrolled by a ghost head. The enemy will patrol in front of you. As soon as it turns it will head back. This is your chance to drop down, ready your grappling hook, and quickly repel up to the next pathway before the ghost turns around. Follow this path until it ends. Look up and to the right and the path will continue. Follow this path to the next clearing.

From here you are on top of a hill with a Manji demon in front of you and a ninja guarding the 4th Stone Seal to your direct right. When the timing is right jump for the Ninja and take out the Seal. Remember to use the trees as cover. As soon as you release the seal, another ninja will begin to emerge from the outlying door. QUICKLY get to the bottom corner of the room! Now… he’s going to come out to about past the table, then he’ll look right, but only for 2 seconds. This will give you enough time to pile-drive his head into the ground and continue on.

Entering the last tunnel you will proceed inside until you reach a trench. Jump inside and immediately hug the wall closest to you and walk to the end of the wall. Upon reaching the end, jump and hang, observing the undead swordsman (near) and the ninja (far). When the timing is permitting, hoist yourself up and kill the ninja. Follow the path and eventually you will find a pillar of light in front of you. Look up to find an exit. Grapple up! From here you will find the final Stone Seal and the hut where the Yoto Swords are held. Break the final seal and enter the hut.

Upon reaching the hut, a text cut-scene will take place and a giant headless samurai attacks you. You want to fight him up close, but you can’t. It’s like this. Being Ayame, you need to get real close to the enemy to connect. However, this boss has many moves that give him an advantage in close combat, such as an unblock-able throw, the blood-leak attack, where each hit does about 4 damage, and hit you multiple times if you are close, and he is not knocked back when you hit him. On top of that, your newly acquired Yoto Swords are draining the hell out of your life! To overcome these perils, you must look to the terrain! Use the hut to your advantage. Climbing up and over it can easily confuse your towering adversary. Health potions are a must, and strength potions don’t hurt, either. Due to your weapons, time is not on your side, so fight effectively and smart and you’ll come out on top.
Now that you have the Yoto swords in your possession, you can replay the mission and also kill the undead.

Grand Master Item
Chameleon Spell

Special Move
Grappling Hook Combo