Assassinate the Traitor Hamada

Written by Tibolt & Selenia


  • Use stealth to open doors.
  • The enemy placement is narrow.
  • Stairs are marked by red squares on the map.

Hamada – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 21
Max Score: 875

Right when the mission starts go into a crouching position. There are 3 doors in your area, take the one right to you, but don’t be too impatient because a ninja is waiting around the corner. So proceed with cautiousness. Once you killed him follow the corridor. Watch your Ki another ninja is close. Hug the wall and look around the corner seeing a ninja patrolling the corridor ahead. You can either kill him when he walks away from you or slip through the door on the right wall. This room has a another door in the top right corner that will lead you to the 2nd floor of Gohda castle.

From here, open the door in front of you by using stealth; there will be a ninja in this room, just wait for him to turn his back then kill him. Go left and peep around the corner there will be a Kunoichi in the sleeping room ahead. Wait for her to turn her back and kill her too. Open the door in front of you but don’t go through instead hug the wall and look around the corner where another ninja guards the stairs. When he shows you his back, you know what to do . Then go up the stairs. Press against the wall to stealthily open the door at the top of the stairs. In the next room there is a ninja, wait for him to start walking to the left before attempting to kill him and don’t be fooled by his little trick he plays by pretending to walk then he stands still and carries on looking in your direction, wait until he does this then when he starts to walk left again kill him. From there open the following door by using stealth, in this room there be 2 ninjas but you can only see one, if your quick enough and you kill the one you can see straight away because his back is turned but if not wait until you can. Immediately after killing him hide behind the wall and wait for the other ninja to turn around then kill him as well.

After dealing with him go through the next door and hug the wall and look around the corner to see a ninja wait for him to turn his back to you so you can dispose of him. Hug the wall and peep around the corner wait a little and a Kunoichi should appear in the corridor beyond, wait for her to turn her back then kill her too, after this immediately hug the left wall to avoid being seen by the ninja in the next room, wait for him to turn around and then kill him. Now go down the stairs and through the room there to face Hamada.

Hamada is an easy opponent for Ayame as she is faster than him, so just dodge his attacks, especially his thrust attack, and attack him whenever possible. Your best bet is to just keep attacking him and not giving him a chance to retaliate.

Grand Master Item
Super Shuriken

Special Move
Ninja Vision