Execute The Evil Merchant

Written by Chris


  • Archers can see further than normal guards.
  • Use stealth to open doors.
  • Be sure to collect many items.

Nasu – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 24
Max Score: 935

Consulting the map reveals your objective, you need to make for the large cavern in the top right corner.

From the wall rooftop head right. Jump off the wall to your right to pick up the red box item. Return to the wall passing to the big building in front of you. Wait until the samurai is in-front of the doorway before going for your kill, that way you avoid a double confrontation with the dog. Return to the rooftop and dispatch of the dog with a well placed shuriken. From this open area grapple up to the sloped walkways, here is a perfect location to drop upon the spear-man who patrols nearby. Head to the south-east corner on your map where 3 enemies are partying inside, carefully creep in and take the key. Again avoid a fight, but if you do wish to kill all three samurai best use a invisibility spell (if you have unlocked this useful Grand Master item). Return to the foot of the sloped pathways and use the key to unlock the underground entrance. Continue along towards the 2 enemies having a conversation. The enemies will talk and then turn and walk away. Use stealth and cling to the wall as one enemy approaches your position. Hop out at the last minute to kill him. Wait at the ledge for the second to return his patrol, then kill him.

Just beyond the passageway opens up to a room patrolled by a spear-man. Kill the enemy and collect the Ninja Rebirth item. Grapple to the platform above and collect the Health Potion. Quickly jump out the hole and grapple on to the roof of one of the four small outhouses at your earliest convenience. There is 4 enemies in the garden arena, kill as many as you wish. Now pass to the larger building. You best approach is a secret passageway just above the main entrance on the south side. There are more enemies if you decide to kill them. After heading through the passageway drop into the room and head out the pink sliding doors. Beyond the brown doors patrols a samurai – slip through them and kill him. Pass further into the compound through the doors with the mask to the left. Beyond is another room guarded by a samurai. Pass through the floral doors and take the first set of doors on your left. Drop down the hollow and kill the sleeping guard. Pass the cat and grapple up to your right. Pass through the two sets of doors and up the stairs.

Make your way through the next doors and peer around the corner using stealth. When the patrolling enemy has his back turned go for the kill. Take the set of doors on the left at the end of the corridor and kill the sleeping guard. In one of the corners of the room is a place you can grapple up. Make you way up and crawl through the space. At the end grapple further up and drop down the other side. Pass through the doors to your right. Sneak past the Ronin or kill him. Either way continue on past the next set of two doors. Drop in to the room and kill the Ronin. Pass through the doors picking up the Ninja Rebirth directly ahead. Drop down the hole for a confrontation with Nasu.

Nasu isn’t too hard. At best he attacks with a three hit combo, be sure to block his attacks and then unleash your own. Be careful to retreat so if he does his mercy plea move you can just throw a shuriken at him and steal the item he offers.

After the fight with Nasu return to the first floor, making sure to return the way you came, (or you may meet one Samurai who you avoided on your way) to see Echigoya meeting his untimely death.

Grand Master Item
Invisibility Spell

Special Move
Ninjitsu Block