Rescue the Village Girls

Written by cygnus2012

Use stealth when walking through water.

Tajima Eigoro – Health: 100

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 18
Max Score: 815

Being the first mission, this is basically just an introduction to Ayame and her movement capabilities. This level, in respect to that, is fairly simple, consisting of only samurai and dogs. You can make short work of all of them. First, head down the stairs and kill the samurai in plain view. Continue going through the water into the cavern to the north. Be sure to hold R2 when moving to avoid detection. Inside the cavern you will find two samurai talking to one another. You can either go around to the left, SK one of them and fight off the other one or get close enough to where you can hear their conversation and they split up, enabling you to stealth kill them both. Afterwards, follow the stairs up until you find the exit. Use first-person view to get your bearings. There are no enemies here, so feel free to jump out worry-free. Up ahead you’ll find an enemy dog. Use either poison rice or a shuriken on it to move on. Descend down the stairs and you’ll find an enemy samurai ahead. Watch for his turns and kill.

From here, go the path breaks into left and right. Both path lead to the same area, left being the more difficult than the right. Going right, you will run into some bamboo trees. Thread through them and move to the pitfall up ahead. You can either double jump or use the grappling hook to continue. Further ahead you will find another dog. It will be in an opening so use a shuriken. Follow the pathway to find two samurai, one high and one low. When the low samurai passes, kill him from behind. Afterwards grab onto the stone wall and climb up behind the samurai. Kill and move on. From here you enter a cut-scene where you run across the voice of a man and a woman. A fight scene begins with Tajima. All of Tajima’s move’s are block-able. He does use his gun from time to time, firing two shots before continuing his assault. He also does a throw move where he tosses Ayame in the air and juggles her by firing in succession. Block and counterattack is the name of the game here. Any item you may have will prove effective.

Grand Master Item
Exploding Arrow

Special Move
Somersault Kick