Assassinate the Evil Tenrai B

Written by Chris

– Beware of the Martial Artists
– Kasumi and Shizuku are useful but not essential
– Poison Anitdotes are a wise precaution

Tenrai (1st Form) – Health: 150
Tenrai (2nd Form) – Health: 200

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 16
Max Score: 780

So the final confrontation with Tenrai! This level again is quite linear, except the pathway branches into two and then rejoins. The walk-through deals with the easier route which avoids the Manji, so the undead blades are not needed really on this layout.

Head forward and grapple up to your right. A Martial Artist stands guard, kill him when his back is turned. Move forward and drop down, cling the wall to you right. Do not move beyond the corner, instead observe the Martial Artist patrolling beyond. Switch to the other wall to get closer, before going for the kill. Around the next corner patrols another Martial Artist on a platform, ignore him, and instead grapple above your head on to a high platform. This is where the paths split.

On the platform opposite is a Red Box item, which can on occasions have 3 eggs. Return to the other platform and pass through the opening, continue on until you reach a ledge. Jump to grab it, and pull yourself up. Cling the left wall and gradually move forward. Beyond the corner is a Martial Artist. Kill him and continue on. At the precipice jump to platform below.

Head to the end then grapple up left. Wait until the Red Jonin appears, and when he turns climb up and stealth kill him. Head around the corner and jump to the next platform below you. Now grapple up right. Head forward and grapple again. Directly ahead a Red Jonin stands guard. When he turns away you will have to climb up and quickly jump the gap before plunging your two blades in his head. Should he drop any blades be sure to pick them up.

Head right through the doorway and up what are like giant steps. Don’t enter the next room as it is patrolled by a Blue Jonin and a Martial Artist. Be sure the Martial Artist has just come into and then out of sight before jumping out and killing the Jonin. Head further down and kill the Martial Artist. Head up the stairs (behind which is a grenade if you want it).

Grapple right into the orange room and then grapple right again on to the platform. Kill the Red Jonin patrolling the platform to your left. Grapple to the platform on the left from here and cling the wall to your right. Above you patrols Red Jonin jump up and kill him. Continue down this passageway and drop in to a lit area. Pass the corner and cling the left wall just before the doorway/opening. A Martial Artist patrols left to right here. Kill him before going through the door to meet Tenrai.

Tenrai’s first form is easy. Get in close and use your combos. Try and avoid his 3 different spells.

Tenrai’s second form is more aggressive but shouldn’t cause any problems. Try to avoid his Poison Mist. Use any Blades you picked up by running away, and then quickly pressing R2 to lock on before pressing Triangle to fire. Otherwise get in there and do your worst.

Grand Master Item
Binding Spell

Special Move
Wrath of Heaven