Assassinate the Evil Tenrai A

Written by Chris

– Beware of the Martial Artists
– Kasumi and Shizuku are useful but not essentialBoss
Tatsumaru – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 21
Max Score: 875

If you have already played Rikimaru’s version of this level you will already be familiar with design of the level, but of course enemies and items are in different places to his.

There are no enemies in the immediate vacinity so head all the way past the timbers to the precipice. Below patrols a Blue Jonin to your left and a Red Jonin on your right. In this situation always go for the Blue Jonin first, better to risk the Red Jonin seeing you than vice versa on account of the Blue’s kamikaze move. Jump across to the roof (picking up the health potion). When the Blue Jonin has walked to the far end of the hut. Jump off the roof and kill him. Quickly run behind the hut, just in case his friend is alerted. Head back when safe and finish the Red Jonin off.

Head for the passageway and make your way round the corner. Get up on the ledge on your left. From here observe the Red Jonin, and kill him at an appropriate moment, for example when he turns and walks away. Head to the entrance of the main cavern, cling to the wall on your left and have a good peer around the corner. The nearest enemy is a Red Jonin on the wooden walkway. This guy jumps around a bit so watch him a while and plan your move. The best time is when he drops of the walkway and heads left. Next head right through the stone arch to where another Red Jonin is above you. Pop up and surprise him for another kill. Just beyond him on a ledge is a Ninja Rebirth.

Patrolling the other side of the cave is a Blue Jonin and a Manji Cultist, of course you will need to switch weapons if you wish to kill the second of these foe, otherwise just leave them be. However a Grenade will be your reward should you decide to plunder that area. Consult your map and make your way to the corner path leading out of the cavern. The Martial Artist patrolling back and forth by the stairs should present no problem. Climb the stairs and cling to the middle of the wall before heading around the corner. A Martial Artist approaches. If you cling to the wall properly he will start to pass you as he does run out and stealth kill him.

Cling the wall on your right and peer around the corner. A Martial Artist patrols the far corner of the column in front of you as he heads away go for the kill. Pass the cannons and pick up the rice potion on the crates beyond the last. Turn the corner and cling the wall, peer around to see another Martial Artist – another straightforward kill. Pass up the stairs and jump the lip into the next room, clinging the wall immediately left. A martial artist patrols the far end. When he turns to walk right run for the kill. Look above the cannons for the huge platform above you. Grapple up and hang.

Observe the Red Jonin walking up and down the stairs to your left. As he ascends them go for the stealth kill. Pass up the stairs the path goes right, however a smoke bomb can be found to the left. Avoid the pitfall and cross the bridge. Beyond the next corner is Blue Jonin. Jump to the crates and push against the wall, so you can see him easier. Be careful not to fall off the crate and risk being seen. When he turns go for the kill.

If you have not brought the other blades a tricky man-oeuvre awaits. Use the crates to hide from the Manji. As he passes beyond you to the right, he will turn and come towards you. This is your opportunity to run for it. Otherwise switch blades and kill him. Pass around the corner and out of sight. Now cling the next corner and peer around to spy a Red Jonin. As he draws near move back to the middle so he wont spot you. Then as he turns kill him – no problem! Pass through the next area and to the drop. A Manji is on the ledge ahead. Again avoid or kill depending on your equipment. To avoid him make a run for it when he is walking left. Head far right, right up to the ledge guarded by a Red Jonin. If you do have the blades you will be able to pick up the health potion en route. The Manji, if you didn’t kill him, might go into ! mode whilst killing the Jonin, if so just crouch after his death.

Jump to the watch tower below, beyond you on the floor is another Manji. If you wish to avoid him you will have to get to the lowered footpath and crouch, from here just do you best – it is most likely you will be seen, but try and grapple to the tower. Otherwise switch blades and kill him. Pass up the steps and roll towards the Red Jonin. Pop up and kill him. Then make your way down and kill the final Martial Artist.

Tatsumaru can be a tricky customer, especially if he uses an exploding arrow. For this reason always carry or pick up a Ninja Rebirth. Try and block most moves and counter with your own combo. He is especially weak after his forward lunge. Use any items you may have picked up, such as the grenade. He has two moves which will drive you to despair. “How about This” unleashes a devastating combo and he also has a pile-driver move.

Grand Master Item
Decoy Whistle

Special Move
Wrath of Heaven