Return to Zennosuke

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia

– Watch out for hidden items!

Jinnai Ukyo – Health: 120


  • Slash: 17-22 damage (Block-able)
  • Double-slash: 15-20 damage (Block-able)
  • Jinnai-double: 17-22 damage (Unblock-able)

Jinnai Sakyo – Health: 80


  • Slash: 17-22 damage (Block-able)
  • Double-slash: 15-20 damage (Block-able)
  • Air Slash: 8-12 damage (Unblock-able)

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 19
Max Score: 840

You must find Zennosuke’s house. See the big red house to your left? That’s Zennosuke’s. Jump on the roof and, when at the edge, peer down to find a sentry. Drop down on him. Proceed in to begin a cut-scene with Zennosuke and Tesshu. Once finished, move straight out of the house toward the houses to the northwest. Use the grappling hook to gain access to the roof. On one of the roofs is a grenade. Save this! It will make the battle to come much easier. From here, head straight for the gate, keeping close to the stone wall.

Once in the barrel area, climb atop the rightmost barrel and move in closer to the ninja to the right. Note that there is a female ninja to your direct left and another ninja behind the barrel in front of you. Whether you choose to kill these enemies or not is up to you. If you choose not to, simply double-jump from barrel to barrel until you reach the next gate.

Passing through the next gate you will be in front of more barrels. Jump once again to the rightmost barrel and climb atop the roof of the house. Move to the lower-left corner of the roof to spy on a ninja directly below and a samurai in the distance. Drop on the ninja then repel back to the roof. Move now to the lower-right corner and drop on the next ninja. From here, move toward the samurai and use your own discretion when killing him. Move against the partition wall to find a female ninja around the corner. Once dealt with, move to the water’s edge to find another ninja. Here, you can simply roll through the water to the next area without detection. Upon emerging from the underpass, move to the center of the town to confront Jinnai Ukyo.

Jinnai can be quite a pain. On top of being faster than Tesshu, he can deal out damage pretty well and has a very long reach. He also has a bad habit of blocking most of your attacks. When he does attack, it blows Tesshu back sometimes, even when blocked, so you won’t have enough time to recover and counter. Move in and out, parrying his attacks, if possible. If you can’t seem to hit him, simply wait for him to use his double-slash attack from afar and move in and grab him. Do this a few times and he’ll go down pretty quick. Not enough to defeat Ukyo, now his brother Sakyo attacks you.

Sakyo, despite his reputation, is much easier than Ukyo. His attacks are pretty much the same, so you will know what to expect. If you still have that grenade, use it now. This will bring his live to about half if not lower. Use the same strategy on Sakyo as you did on Ukyo.

Master of Assassins Item
Bamboo Gun