Go to the House in the Cemetary

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia

– There are no undead in the cemetery.

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 21
Max Score: 870

Yep. It’s another cemetery mission. Fortunately for you the cemetery is undead free, so that’s definitely a load off your shoulders. You’ll start the mission at the same point that Ayame did. The house you need to head for is where she fought the headless giant.

From the start, take the high ground to find a Red Jonin. You can kill everything here, so don’t worry about the undead this time around. Kill this Jonin and move to the end of the stone wall to find an archer. Jump to the new high ground to spy on a samurai. Once dealt with, move into the tunnel, hugging the right wall to find a spear-guard. Go to the end of the path until it divides, then hug the left wall to find an archer, but beware the cat in the middle of the intersection. Going right will lead you to a grenade and a dead end. Going left will continue until you reach a room where the floors are covered in blood. Holding R1 as you jump, descend into the room where you kill a Blue Jonin.

From here, take the left path and look up to find a continuation to the tunnel. Use your grappling hook to get up there, but DO NOT pull yourself up quite yet. A Red Jonin is patrolling that area. Wait for him to come to you and turn around before you pull yourself up. Follow the path straight. The tunnel will break twice to the left, but keep going straight. If you must, use the 2nd break as a cover for the archer up ahead. Kill when the opportunity arises. From here the path divides. Going right will lead to a dead end, so continue going left. Hug the closest wall to find a samurai in the distance. Move up on it when he turns. You will notice doors closing behind you but pay them no mind. At the end of the path, hug the right wall to spy on the samurai. He will go to the end of the hallway, so be prepared in intercept him. Follow the corridor, hugging the right wall to find a Red Jonin.

Climb up the picket fence and use ninja vision view to scout ahead. There’s an archer below you, a Red Jonin to the distant right, and a Blue Jonin to the distant left on the high ground. First take care of the archer, then go to the high ground and take care of the Blue Jonin. The Red Jonin likes to come to the high ground sometimes so be careful. Head for the door, taking caution in the patrolling spear-guard. Follow the path, hugging the right wall to find a samurai below you. Drop down, kill him and use your grappling hook to get the the elevated path. At the end of the path, look up and to the right to find another tunnel. Follow it until you reach the courtyard.

Upon looking around you will find a Red Jonin in the middle of the area, an archer at the bottom-right, and a samurai at the bottom left. Use the terrain, particularly the trees, to your advantage. Advance to the tunnel at the bottom of the area to continue. Follow the path until you reach a trench. Drop down and hug the wall closest to you. You will hear the sound of someone jumping. That is a Red Jonin jumping from one side of the trench to the other. He will do this twice before turning away from the trench. Make your move at that time. Continue down the tunnel until you see a light beaming down. Walk into it to begin a cut-scene with Senkichi and Jinnai. Afterwards, move up the well and head for the house.

Master of Assassins Item