Escape from the Limestone Cavern

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia

– Use stealth when walking through water.
– Look up and down when lost.

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 13
Max Score: 710

This short mission uses only a fraction of the limestone cavern map. The items that you purchased for this mission will be confiscated and placed in several areas of the map (indicated by red dots). From the start SK the nearby guard (is it me or has Jinnai gotten really sloppy?) and proceed to get back your items scattered around the area following the map. Be sure to snag the key in the room near the starting position. Once you’ve gotten back your items, head to the boss room via the water filled cavern. There are a lot of ninjas around so proceed with caution. The water will alert the guards nearby if you run through it. The Mimic Animal ability might come in handy here. Once you reach the boss room take out the remaining guard standing in the middle, then grapple up to the nearby exit.

At the start you are placed pretty much in front of a guard. Simply jump right next to him. He will not see you so long as you don’t walk right in front of him. Follow the path and jump off the cliff, keeping close to the wall to avoid detection from the ninja up ahead. Hugging the cavern wall, move in closer to the doorway to find the ninja. Afterwards, enter the cell to find the 1st of your tools. Move down the corridor to find a group of barrels on your left and the path in front of you splits left and right. To your left is a sleeping guard and to your right is a patrolling spear-guard. For this, go NEITHER way, but rather opt for breaking the barrels and proceeding through the underpass into the next cell. As you exit, hug the right wall. Another patrolling spear-guard is coming your way. You must intercept him. After killing him you will see that your Ki meter is at ‘!’. Look to your left to find a ninja. For now, just crouch to avoid detection and move down the right pathway. Up ahead is the sleeping guard and the first patrolling guard. Kill the sleeping guard, then hide up against the wall to your left. The guard will run toward the body. When he gets fed up with looking for you, kill him. Go toward the direction of where the guard was patrolling to find another set of cells. In one of these cells is a key, which you will need to complete the mission. Afterwards, head back down the path and kill the ninja.

The path will soon end and there will be a drop. Below you are some crates, rafters, and a visible ninja. There is also a stationary spear-guard but as of now, he is of no concern. Drop down to the crates and use them as cover. When the ninja turns his back, run behind him and use the grappling hook to hang on the rafters. You do not want to go after him because the spear-guard will see you. When he comes back, drop from the rafters and kill him. Just ahead on the right is the spear-guard. Make short work of him and continue.

Ahead is the water cavern. Remember to hold R2 as you move to avoid detection and, if you must jump, hold R1 to brace your landing. When entering the cavern, to your left is a ninja and a ‘well placed’ stone column. Drop into the water and use the column as a shield. Sneak around and kill. There is another ninja in the general vicinity, but you can use the same tactic to defeat him as well. Move forward and use the grappling hook to get access to the deck overhead. Move forward cautiously, because a ninja patrols the path up ahead. Afterwards, head to the end of the corridor to find the room where you received Shichishito as Rikimaru. As Tesshu, you will only find an archer in the water. Remember what tactics you learned for moving in water and apply those here. Once dead, grapple the northeast wall and take the path to the doors. The key will be used automatically.

Master of Assassins Item
Exploding Arrow