Rendezvous with Senkichi by the Waterfalls

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia

– Use smoke bombs and grenades to easily defeat Ganda!
– Watch your step ! There are many pitfalls.

Ganda – Health:200


  • Staff swipe: 13-20 damage (Blockage)
  • Staff-Upper: 16-20 damage (Block-able)
  • Staff Lunge: 23-30 damage (Block-able)
  • Swipe Combo: 13-30 damage (Block-able)
  • Throwdown: 17-20 damage (Unblock-able)
  • Triple Back-breaker: 30-38 damage (Unblock-able)

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 11 (+ 1 bear)
Max Score: 695

As the mission begins you are thrown into a battle against Ganda
This fight is not for the foolhardy. Do not go toe to toe with Ganda or you WILL lose. He has quite a lot of hit-points, all of his hits do considerable damage, and while powering up for a move, Ganda will be unphased by your attacks. The best way to fight this out is to jump in and out. Turns out that Ganda likes to taunt quite often, so use this to your advantage. Also, if you’re in a safe place, use enrage (x + circle) to put some power behind those hits. Items such as smoke bombs will help greatly. It will be a slow battle, but if you are patient, you will emerge the victor.

Way 1:
Drop to the bottom level and head right of the Buddha statue to find an exit. Follow this path to find the door to the outside. When outside you will see a hole in front of you. In Ayame’s mission, you found her optional weapon ‘Dokuto’ there, however with Tesshu it’s only a grenade. Just ahead is a bear. It would behoove you to stealth-kill this thing, because they’re a pain if fought normally. Their attacks aren’t all that devastating, but due to their extremely high HP, just TRYING to kill it will give surrounding guards a chance to find you. Run up to it and punch it in the butt. Looking left you will find a priest far away. Despite what you may think, when he turns away, you WILL have enough time to run up and stealth-kill him. From here, drop down into the adjacent hole.

Drop down to the bottom level and crouch into the small area to find a priest patrolling. Either come out when he leaves or kill him with a blowgun. The path ahead ends in a pitfall, but upon observing the area, you will find cedar columns outlining the left side of the wall. Use the grappling hook between the 1st and 2nd columns to get to a stone ledge. From here, look up to the southwest to find a wooden wall. Once again, use the grappling hook to climb up. Drop down from the path and hug the left corner to find a monk. Here the path splits in two. Going left will move you further on while going right will ultimately lead you back to the doors to the temple. Going left you will find a priest on the lower path. Situation permitting, drop down and kill him. Head for the end of the wooden dock overlooking the pitfall and look to your right to find a dark entrance-way. Proceed in with the use of the grappling hook, but be warned; there is a patrolling priest in the hallway. Afterwards, head down the path and a cut-scene will ensue between Tesshu and Jinnai.

Way 2:
Directly up and across from the statue is a hallway area you can grapple to. Two guards are there that you can SK if you like. Otherwise, head around the right of the statue to reach the exit, taking care of the monks along the way. Outside a bear is wandering the premises. If you’re feeling confident you can try to SK it if you like. Further down a monk guards an opening down below. Take him out and jump down. There should be a small opening you can crawl through nearby. You should come to the edge of a large pit. The way out is right above and behind you. While you can grapple directly up from the bottom, it’s far easier to just grapple to the side ledge and then grapple up to the top. Jump down the nearby hole and keep going. A monk is nearby, so SK him and grapple up to the next area. You should eventually reach an area with a wooden bridge above you crossing over a pit. The exit is the dark tunnel to the right. Jump across, SK the monk, and keep going to the exit.

Master of Assassins Item