Teach Rikimaru A Lesson

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia

– Use stealth to open doors.
– Enemies can’t open doors.

Rikimaru – Health: 100

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 20
Max Score: 850

From the start you are placed under one of the many rooms of Gohda Castle. Do not leave the cover of this area just yet. Look to your right to find a spear-guard. You may not see him at first, but he’s there. When he passes to the right of the tree, it is safe to exit the area. From here, hold R2 and pursue the spear-guard, walking to the right of the tree to avoid detection from the archer and samurai behind you. When finished, go back to the area where you began, crouch and hug that wall and roll over to the other side. Jump onto the ledge and hug the wall in front of you, waiting for the samurai to pass and the archer to turn. Once this is done, kill the archer and remain in that room, staying to the left side of the doorway. The samurai will come back and see the body. When he approaches, intercept him. Now you may leave the room. Follow the hallway, hugging the right side wall to find a spear-guard. He will not walk all the way to you, so when he turns away, know that you will have enough time to kill him. From here, enter the door to your left and go through the secret passage at the end of the room.

When you come out the other end, hug the left side of the door to find a guard right in your face. Kill him when he turns. From here, the path splits in two. Since Tesshu gets money for completing a mission quickly, let’s save some time and go left. Hug the wall in front of you, looking left, to find a spear-guard. Once this is done, you will find some onigiri (rice-balls). Upon exiting the door, hug the right wall to find another of Gohda’s unsuspecting guards. Proceed up the stairs and hug the left side of the door to find a guard at the end of the room. When he turns to enter the adjacent hallway, make your move. Enter the hallway and hug the right side of the door. Use the right analog stick to find an archer. When he turns away, make sure you stay close to the wall as you move in for the kill because there’s another guard in the next room just out of sight. Once done, move to the left side of the room and put your sights on the guard. If for some reason he sees the body, be ready to intercept him before he gets there.

Exit the room and hug the left wall to find another archer. Rush ahead and hug the wall in front of you to spy on an enemy spear-guard. Afterwards, move to the end of the room and find an enemy samurai. He most likely will see the body, so be ready to meet him halfway for the kill. Proceed down the stairs and through the doors to confront Rikimaru.

Rikimaru is relatively simple to defeat. By now after playing him for as long as you have, I’m sure you know his combinations of attacks, so parrying his attacks will be easy. However, he does use a wide arsenal of sub-weapons such as exploding arrows, smoke bombs and tetsubishi. After dropping Rikimaru down below 40 HP, the battle will end and a cut-scene will ensue.

Master of Assassins Item