Assassinate Nasu and Echigoya

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia

– Shortcut holes you have discovered for Rikimaru and Ayame won’t be there for Tesshu!
– Your targets Nasu and Tokubei are in the big building on the top right of the map.
– Use stealth to open doors.
– Enemies can’t open doors.

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 27
Max Score: 990

Tesshu, if you haven’t already experimented, has his own unique way of killing his victims, due to his background in the medical field. He has 6 missions in all which, in most cases, demand a little more from you than Rikimaru and Ayame’s. You will notice from the start that you do not have a ‘kuji’ meter, meaning Tesshu does not have special ninja arts to be earned. However, he does have special skills, which you can find in the Options menu at the title screen. Also, upon choosing your tools, you will note that you must ‘purchase’ them instead of simply taking an allotted amount. Later, as you unlock new items, you will notice that Tesshu has fewer items to earn than Rikimaru and Ayame, but they have their differences, such as my personal favorite, the kumihimo. Use all of Tesshu’s items effectively to be just as much a killing machine as the Azuma are.

When beginning the mission, look to your right to find a spearguard. He will be your first target. Already anticipate that there will be more guards in Tesshu’s missions. This is your ‘reward’ for being able to complete Rikimaru and Ayame’s stories. Climb up the perimeter wall in front of you and head toward the unsuspecting guard. When you’re right over him, look to your left to find another guard patrolling. Wait until he leaves then drop on the spear-guard. Quickly recover and kill the patrolling guard.

From here, climb back onto the wall and observe the area. In the courtyard you will find two guards. For the time being, leave them alone, and head as far north as possible on the perimeter wall. When it ends in a corner, continue on the wall, now heading east about 10 steps and observe. You will find a patrolling samurai and, in a room, a stationary archer. You will need to kill the samurai when he is out of the archer’s line of vision. When the samurai heads east you will notice there is another spear-guard. When the spear-guard turns, drop down on the samurai, recover and kill the spear-guard, then head back for the archer and kill him as well. Continue going around the building where you killed the archer to find yourself in the courtyard again, but this time, from behind. Kill the archer first, then the stationary samurai. You may have to cancel the stealth-kill animation (press circle) during the archer’s demise in order to make it in time. Head northeast from the position of the dead samurai to find a box of throwing needles. From here, climb up the stone wall to your right. Pull yourself up to find an archer at the top of the path. Kill him, then look down to find a spear-guard. Drop down on him for the kill, then enter the wooden picket door. You will notice that this does not require a key this time.

As you enter, hug the right wall to find a samurai. Proceed down the corridor past the downward pathway, drop down, then hug the left wall to spy on an archer. Use the elevated ground as a cover. Continue down the path, hugging the right side wall to reveal a stationary spear-guard. You do not need to engage this enemy because your continuing path is above you. However, this is your call. If you choose to kill him, just past him is a grenade. Use the grappling hook to pull yourself up out of the underground pathways.

Upon your return to the surface, look to the distant north to find a patrolling samurai. Kill him next. Use the houses up ahead to your advantage. Once you kill him, climb back onto the buildings and look between the 4 houses to find another patrolling guard. To the far north there is a guard sleeping. He’s doing no harm, however you must do what you must do, right? From where you stand look to the east to find another perimeter wall, climb onto it and head south to find a single spear-guard. Afterwards climb back up the wall and observe the entrance to the compound being guarded by two spear-guards, one to the left of the door and one to the right. There is no entrance for Tesshu on the roof like there was for Rikimaru and Ayame, so you must enter from either this way or the back door. For safety’s sake, let’s take out the right guard first to avoid detection. Jump onto the roof of the compound and get above the right guard. When the left guard’s back is turned, drop onto the right guard. You will have enough time to kill this man, recover and kill the other guard. Afterwards, enter the compound.

Go through the sliding doors and hug the wall just in front of you, looking to your left, to find a samurai. From here, head south through the next pair of sliding doors. This will interrupt the game with a cut-scene between Echigoya and Tesshu. When the scene has ended, exit the room and head east. Go through another sliding door and hug the left wall to find another samurai. From here, proceed through the hallway looking for a door with a padlock on it to your left. Use the key you got from Echigoya to gain access. Drop down from the entrance and kill the sleeping guard. There is a cat in the room. You can avoid it by following the left wall. At the end of the room use the grappling hook to continue. Go through the sliding doors and up the stairs. Upon reaching another sliding door, immediately hug the left wall, revealing a samurai. From here there are two doors. The one to the left is a dead end, but has a sleeping guard inside. Taking the door to the right will continue your journey. Upon going right you will notice in the distance a cat in the center of the room. There is no real reason to try and avoid it because there are no enemies in that room. You might here another guard yell when he hears the cat, but he’s in another room. Crouch through the hole and enter the next room. To your left will be a sliding door, with a guard inside, while going straight and looking up will continue the path. Once in the compound’s attic, proceed through the doors and hug the right wall to find a spear-guard. When the guard looks right, roll to the left and kill him. Go through the next set of doors to find a drop. Look down to find a samurai. Drop down on him when he least suspects it. From there, go through the final set of doors and drop from the rafters to complete the mission.

Master of Assassins Item
Super Needle