Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (PS2) has been ported over to the Xbox under the name Tenchu: Return from Darkness. Several improvements have been made and new features have been added.

Release Date
North America March 9th, 2004
Europe & Australia March 19th, 2004

May 27th, 2004

English Tenchu – Return from Darkness

Tenchu 3 – Kaiki no shoh

Platform Xbox
Xbox Live Supported
Player(s) 1-2

K2 and ProSoft

New Features (compared to Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven – PS2)
New Maps Samurai Mansion
Deserted Pagoda Temple
Both maps are playable with the 3 main characters : Ayame, Rikimaru and Tesshu.
New Grandmaster Items Viper Drink – increases strength 3 times, but decreases your health
Flash Bomb – makes everyone within range dizzy
New Special Moves Wall Camouflage, the character will lift up a sheet in front of him/her mimicking the environment
Ukemi lets you dodge an attack and counterattack it.
New Functions Restart a mission with all of the items previously collected.
Continue the game whenever you die (pits, traps, fights, …).
Improved AI Guards will call for help and alert their comrades when the encounter something unusual. It is easier to be spotted.
New Cut-scenes

Several new cut-scenes have been added.

New Characters Meet new characters : Mifuyu Tadokoro, Kanbe Tadokoro and Jonosuke Yuge. Mifuyu and Jonosuke are also playable in multiplayer death-match mode.
Mifuyu Tadokoro Mifuyu (which means “Three Winters”) is the 20-year old daughter of the samurai Kanbe Tadokoro and was trained by her father in the art of sword fighting. She holds a high code of honour. Unbeknownst to her, her father was involved in a rebellion against Lord Gohda. When she learned that her father was a threat to Lord Gohda, she became quite confused and killed her father in order to protect the family name. She is the boss character for the new Samurai Mansion mission in Tenchu: Return from Darkness.
Kanbe Tadokoro Kanbe Tadokoro is Mifuyu’s father and one of Lord Gohda’s vassals.
Jonosuke Yuge Jonosuke Yuge is Kanbe Tadokoro’s vassal. Jinnai Sakyo convinced him to lead an attack on Gohda castle.
North America Activision
Europe & Australia Activision

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