View your ranking, overal score and time for each mission. The information contained here applies only for the Level Select mode.

Read descriptions for all the special moves you have acquired with Ayame and Rin so far. Helpful if you’ve forgotten how to perform a certain special move.

Here you can see a collection of 20 official "Tenchu: Fatal Shadows" artwork: CG images for all of the story characters with short description, concept illustrations, sketches and an advertisement showing Rin.

Choose from 31 movies to watch. All movies from the game are here (opening movie, chapter previews, ending credits, etc).

Choose from 41 cutscenes to watch. The costumes in the cutscenes are default.

Select Ayame’s and Rin’s costume.
Rin: Majesty (default) and Scarlet
Ayame: Blossom (default), Wrath (Wrath of Heaven), Peony (Tenchu 2: Birth of the Assasins) and Indigo (Tenchu: Stealth Assassins.)

Red Blade
This mode is unlocked by beating the game once. Red Blade mode is basically a pit fight where you have to fight for a given period of time against a constant stream enemies. Enemies vary depending on the selected round.

Beat the game once to unlock this mode and choose between English and original Japanese voice-overs.

Sound Check
Beat every layout with each character.

Written by Shiki and Selenia. Additional info submitted by Philip Phitidis.