Red Blade Mode

The pit fight mode is essentially a survival against the clock. You must stay alive for two minutes against a constant stream of foe. To unlock this mode you must first complete the standard story mode on the normal difficulty setting. If you complete all 6 rounds you will unlock a 7th round where you must face each boss one after another.
Round 1
Round One – Requiem
Items: 5x Health Potion, 3x Smoke Bomb, 3x Grenade
Location: Hakogake Inn
Enemies: Ronin Samurai
Round 2
Round Two – Ninja Hordes
Items: 4x Health Potion, 3x Smoke Bomb
Location: Mochizuki Cave
Enemies: Genin Ninja, Kunoichi
Round 3
Round Three – Mercenaries
Items: 3x Health Potion, 3x Smoke Bomb
Location: Shinogi’s Dojo
Enemies: Jonin Ninja, Shimatsuya Women
Round 4
Round Four – Monk’s Battle
Items: 3x Health Potion, 6x Poison Antidote
Location: Temple
Enemies: Priest, Monk
Round 5
Round Five – Mercenarier 2
Items: 5x Health Potion
Location: Drama Shack
Enemies: Kunoichi, Shimatsuya Samurai, Shimatsuya Massagist
Round 6
Round Six – New Requiem
Items: 5x Health Potion
Location: Beach
Enemies: Ronin Samurai
Round 7
Round Seven – A Dark Night
Items: 5x Health Potion
Location: Hakogake Inn
Enemies: The bosses you fight appear in this order: Rin, Tatsukichi, Kumagorou, Ayame, Nasu, Shinogi, Mercenaries (x3), Futaba & Hitoha, Ranzou, Shou and Jyuzou. If you reach Jyuzou with more than 23 minutes remaining, you will fight against two Ayames. If you beat them Ayame’sTenchu: Stealth Assassins and Tenchu 2: Birth of theStealth Assassins costumes are unlocked.

Note: You can unlock Ayame’s Tenchu: Stealth Assassins and Tenchu: Birth of the Stealth Assassins alternatively by collecting more than 1600 scrolls between Ayame and Rin.

Written by Chris, Shiki and Selenia.