Grappling Hook
Must be taken on every mission. Use it to reach high places (roofs, mountains, …) or to cross large areas. The Grappling Hook can attach nearly to everything (walls, ceilings, ledges). Press triangle to aim it, when the aim star lights up red release triangle and you will be pulled to the point you aimed at. The Grappling Hook is always in your inventory.
Limit: 1

Healing Potion
Restores your life to 100%. Enemies can knock the healing potion out of your hand. So be careful when using it in fights. This item is available from the start.
Limit: 7

Shuriken / Crimson Blade
Hold triangle to aim it at an opponent and then release triangle to throw it. Up to 7 points of damage can be dealt. If you miss a target you can pick up the shuriken. Shuriken are needed to perform the “Sniper” special move. The NTSC release has Shuriken and the PAL release Crimson Blades.This is due to different weapon laws in the world. Available from the start.
Limit: 7

Coloured Rice
Use to mark your way. Place a coloured rice and look at the map (by pressing “SELECT”). The location where you put the coloured rice will be highlighted on your map. There are 5 available colours: red, yellow, blue, green and white. It is possible to pick up the coloured rice to use it again. Available from the start.
Limit: 5

Drop them behind you to slow opponents. You can throw 3 caltrops at once and each inflict 2 points of damage if any character (including you) steps on them. Very useful in boos fights. Available from the start.
Limit: 7

Inflicts up to 36 points of damage on impact.
Limit: 7

Poison Rice
Use to lure hungry animals, enemies and innocents. Once eaten it will deal up to 15 damage until the poison wears off. If you are quick you can stealth kill your enemy before he eats the rice and pick it up again.
Limit: 7

Poison AntidoteCertain opponents and items can poison you. Use to neutralize poison.
Limit: 7