The Daughter of Hagakure

written by Chris

Rin War is raging outside Gohda territory. Lord Gohda ordered Ayame to leave Gohda territory to gather information. After a few days she stumbles upon a raided village and tries to find out what happens.

Recommended Items
1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

Immediately dash out of the cave and kill the first kunoichi, who patrols the stone lantern area. Head right to the shrine structure. Up the stairs there is a health potion and a red box item containing a rice potion. Head back to the position of your first victim ensuring not to be seen through the trellis in the fencing. Grapple up this fence and kill the ninja patrolling beyond.

If you have so far alerted no one it makes the next stage much easier. Follow the grass path, keeping on the left side. Ahead are two enemies in conversation. Creep up towards them. Once they finish their conversation and bow they will turn back-to-back. Rush between them and attack to pick up an easy dual stealth kill. Head down the left side of the fort building and you will find a smoke bomb.

Grapple up the fort and slowly enter down the ramp using stealth against the wall on your left. Observe a female ninja approaching and then going out of sight behind a fence to your right. Quickly move to this fence. Press up against this fence and alter the camera to view around it. When her back is turned dash around and kill her. It is very important to dispose of this body, so drag it to where you were hiding and hold your position. Peer around the fence. Eventually another ninja will come into view. Watch him carefully, as soon as he turns away rush in there and kill him. Grapple up directly ahead and pass through the door.

In the next area are two ninja. One who guards, the other patrols. Crouch on the ledge on the right and wait until the patrolling ninja moves to the right. Once he heads back left there is an opportunity for another double killing. Drop down and head for the gap between them, attack for the dual stealth kill. Pass through the narrow walls towards the next area and position yourself on the wall by the brazier. If you peer around the corner you will soon see a kunoichi heading towards a fence. Make a quick darting run and position yourself on the other side of the fence. As she reappears quickly rush out and kill her.

Next move forward along the narrow strip of land between the waters edge and the sloped ramp. Grapple up to the very tall wall directly ahead and assume a hanging position. From here you can observe 3 out of the 4 remaining enemies. The first one to kill is the ninja directly ahead beyond the fence. Keep an eye on the guy in blue, left of you, to make sure he at the stage of his patrol where he comes up the ramp. When the guy ahead turns his back climb over the fence and kill him.

From here you have two choices, you can grapple straight into the bamboo encampment ahead to face Rin or kill the remaining enemies and unlock Mission 2.2. If you wish to continue with the killings quickly hide the body of your last victim in the corner of the L-shaped fence. Using stealth cling to the wall so you can observe the enemy in blue coming up the ramp. Watch for the other enemy patrolling that area to ensure he doesn’t see you as you make your killing. Head down the two ramps avoiding his gaze and head right. A gap in the fence at the very end provides an excellent vantage point. At the appropriate time, jump up and kill him.

Ahead is another gap in the fencing, again grapple up and hang. From here you can spy on the last enemy, a kunoichi, who patrols a structure, a red box item is just around the corner. Kill her as she heads away from you. Return to the bamboo enclosure and enter. You will be confronted by Rin who mistakes you for the village assassin.

Rin by ReimaruBoss
Name: Rin, Health: 100

This is quite a straight forward fight. You only have to get Rin’s health below 30 points. Defend her attacks and punish them. In other words, wait until she completes a combo or a thrust attack then unleash your combo. If you just keep attacking she has a tendancy to block and then throw you, so best wait until she has attacked which leaves her vunerable. Retreat and use the health potion you brought or collected if neccessary.

Grandmatser Item
Sticky Bomb

Mission Stats
Enemies: 13
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
1x health potion, 2x red box, 1x smoke bomb