Rin Leaving the nest
Find the harbour located by the riverside and leave Hagakure no Sato by boat. Rin swears revenge and seeks new friends to help her.

Recommended Items
1x poison rice

Difficulty: Normal

To your left you can hear 2 enemies starting a conversation. To perform a double stealth kill on them, quickly run to the fence on your left and climb on it. You should crouch on the fence, right in the middle of the two talking enemy ninjas. When both stop the conversation and make an attempt to turn around drop down on them and press the attack button (square). Check out the fence on the left side to find 2 flash bombs in a red box. If you feel like it you can explore this area you covered in Mission 1 more, but it is quite pointless as there are no enemies or hidden items.

Go back to the start postion and be careful to not be seen by the kunoichi who is patrolling the area. She follows a stone path, which makes a bend. Don’t follow her, but crouch as close as possible to the stone path. Even when the kunoichi walks towards you, she won’t spot you. Wait for her arrival and jump up once she turns her back to you, for a stealth kill from behind. Regularly she turns around again after 2 steps, so if you are not quick enough she will spot you. Follow the stone path until you reach an area with water. Don’t enter that area. Another kunoichi is waiting around the corner. Press your back to the left wall and look around the corner. When the kunoichi looks straight ahead to the other side of the water run towards her for a side stealth kill. Pick up the health potion. Enter the water silently, by crouching and rolling into it.

There is only one way to exit the water on the other side and it is guarded by an enemy ninja. If he heard you when you entered the water use the water phantom technique (R1) to hide under the water surface until he returns to ?-state. Right when the ninja turns his back to you swim to him and jump out of the water to stealth kill him.There are long stairs leading down to an area guarded by 2 enemies. The movement and vision paths of those two fellas is quite tricky, because they overlap. The assassin dressed in blue won’t leave the area behind the fence, but the ninja will. To lure him off his regular movement path use the poison rice. Place it on the right side of the stairs. Crouch on the roof of the archery training stand and wait for the ninja to pick up the poison rice. Once he turns around finish him off quickly. Use the fence as cover so the assassin can’t see you. Pick up the rice potions in the red box before you hang yourself on the fence. If you climb on the fence too early the assassin ill see you. Simply look through the fence crates and wait for the assassin to walk away from you. Climb over the fence for an easy stealth kill from behind. Cross the area and run up the stairs, collecting another red box item at the top. Notice a small hole in the wall and crouch through it.

Hug the left wall and take a look around the corner. An assassin is moving towards you. His movement pattern is simple. Once he turns around follow him and stealth kill him from behind. The path makes a bend and you see a wooden fence in front of you. Hug the wooden fence and observe the kunoichi patrolling around the corner. Again just wait until the starts to walk away from you. She walks long enough for you to run right behind her and earn some more scrolls. Hide her body in the house entrance, so her corpse won’t accidantly alert the ninja patrolling the area around the small bamboo forest. He is difficult to see without using ninja vision. Trust your ki and wait until the ninja is out of your range. Run straight to the river and crouch. There are 3 more enemies, 2 on the other side of the river and one still patrolling the bamboo forest. You won’t need them to kill them to complete the mission and earn the highest rank, so it is your choice to let them live or not. However a grenade can also be a reward as it is hidden amongst the bamboo. Crouch and look to the other side of the river. To your left is a gate leading to the escape boat. Crouch there to finish the mission and see how Rin leaves her hometown Hagakure no Sato by boat.

Master of Assassins Item
Sticky Bomb

Mission Stats
Enemies: 12
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
3x red box, 1x health potion, 1x grenade