written by Chris

Rin A resolution
Eliminate all attackers! Find the harbour located by the riverside and leave Hagakure no Sato by boat. Rin swears revenge and seeks new friends to help her.

Recommended Items
1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

The idea behind this mission is to eliminate all enemies, each represented by a candle on the screen. Complete that task and the mission will end. Initially head right into the area when Rin and Ayame crossed swords and collect 2 flash bombs in the red box. Now return back to your starting point. Ahead of you is a stone path with a corner to the right. Crouch at the entrance and you will remain undetected by the approaching enemy. Once he heads back away, jump up and stealth kill him. Proceed around the corner and roll into the water area, swim to the other side, and jump out. If you did that with no noise the next area is much easier. Below you two enemies are in conversation, head forward and drop down to the lower roof between the two enemies. Once they stop talking and turn take them out with a dual kill. Grapple the fence ahead for there is a kunoichi beyond it. Drop down and kill her. Head up the stairs and through the crawl space.

Head out the other side and cling to the wall. Beyond the corner another enemy approaches. Drop back and then once they turn away head out and kill them. Head around the corner this time cling to the fence a female kunoichi patrols ahead. She will come very close and then turn away. At that time kill her and dispose of her body around the corner where you waited. Head forward, collecting the health potion by the brazier, and wait in the alcove on the right. Eventually a male assassin will approach you position, and then turn away. At that moment kill him. Now creep forward through the bamboo to observe a ninja near the bridge. This guy is sneaky because he turns away start walking and then spins back around. So wait until he has done that before pouncing for the kill. Hide the ninja’s body the other side of the wooden fence. The last two enemies are pretty straight-forward. A male assassin walks the high route and a kunoichi walks the riverside. I prefer to kill the assassin once he has turned away on the bridge. Then you can simply drop down from above to kill the kunoichi. If you are low on health there is also another red box hidden amongst some cylindrical barrels.

Master of Assassins Item
Sticky Bomb

Mission Stats
Enemies: 10
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
3x red box