Secret Encounters

Ayame Demon riddance – Interuption prohibited
Ayame follows a hint regarding the attackers of Hagakure no Sato and finds herself in a village called Hakokage. Find Jyuzou and follow him, to gain more information about the assassin group Kuroya.

Recommended Items
1x poison antidote

Difficulty: Normal

The best strategy is to kill as little as possible. The area is small and guarded by a handful of men with excellent vision to each other’s locations. Run across the bridge and turn left. Face right to see a small house in front of you. Use your grappling hook to reach the house’s roof. Look left to see a bamboo fence. Move to the lowest spot of the roof and grapple over to the fence. Behind the fence two shimatsuya (assassins) are having a little chat chat. Hang on the fence right between both. Once they end their conversation and turn around, climb over the fence, run in the middle of the two and press attack to perform a double stealth kill. Get on the house and jump from roof to roof to reach the gate on the left side. Go through the gate.

You have found Jyuzou. It is your task to follow him through Hakokage without being detected or making noise. It is important you stay within close range to Jyuzou, otherwise the mission will be lost. If you are too far away from Jyuzou a writing will appear above your Ki-Meter. Then you have 3 seconds to get closer to Jyuzou before the mission will end. If you are seen by enemies patrolling the town, Jyuzou will be alerted and try to run away. So be careful!

At first Jyuzou walks along the path and through the gate. Stay behind him and follow, until you see a red box (it contains 3 smoke bombs) on the left side. Once Jyuzou has passed that red box, run and pick it up. Immediately siwtch to the right side and run up the the gate, but hide behind the wall while Jyuzou walks through the gate. Hug the wall and watch Jyuzou turning right, walking 2 steps and facing your direction. When Jyuzou turns right again, run through the gate and look right. Don’t don’t miss the red box ahead. To get the red box wait until Jyuzou has made a couple of steps. Then aim your grappling hook at the wall next to the box and pick it up. It contains 2 health potions. Turn left and grapple to the opposite wall. Once you have climbed the wall jump to the roof ahead. Now all you have to do is jump from roof to roof, roof to wall, wall to roof … etc until Jyuzou has reached his destination. From this point on it is really not difficult to follow Jyuzou without being detected. There are a couple of enemies patrolling the area, but they are conveniently far away. So all you have to do is be patient and watch how Jyuzou enters the inn of Hakokage to meet his girl-friend. You can now go back and stealth kill more enemies or simply follow Jyuzou into the inn.

Tatsukichi by Reimaru
Name: Tatsukichi , Health: 20
Tatsukichi is an easy enemy. She is an untrained fighter. If you choose to fight her to death beware of her poisonous dagger. To end the fight with one strike run towards her and press circle. This will trigger a cut-scene showing Ayame defeating Tatsukichi with one strike from behind.

Grandmaster Item
Chameleon Spell

Mission Stats
Enemies: 10
Innocents: 2

Hidden Items
3x red box