The Geisha and the Hired Blade

written by Chris

Ayame A Mistress, a Ninja and a Shimatsuya
Ayame follows a hint regarding the attackers of Hagakure no Sato and finds herself in a village called Hakokage. Find Juzo to gain more information about the assassin group Kuroya.

Recommended Items
1x poison antidote

Difficulty: Normal

The best tactic for this mission is to keep killings to a minimum and remain above ground as much as possible. In the first area you need to get to the far left corner.

Grapple the fence ahead to your left and climb up. Run to the end of the fence where the swordsman is below. Leave him alone and grapple far left on to the grey fence. Climb up and jump to the rooftop. Jump along the rooftops until you have the main gate in-front of you. Kill the swordsman below, collecting the potion to the right of the stairs before passing through the gate.

Head down the path on either the left (collecting a red box item if required) or right side avoiding the gaze of the innocent until you reach the gateway. A swordsman patrols this area. When his back is turned grapple up to your right and climb up. Again jump to the rooftop and follow the lower line of buildings until you see a fence on your left. Nearby two enemies are in conversation, a kunoichi is on the other side. When she is not looking in your direction jump on to the fence and run to the end. Grapple up to the bigger of the two buildings.

From here jump to the lower building. A spear-man patrols the final entrance. Keep an eye on the placement of the earlier seen enemies before killing him and entering. One tactic is not to kill him at all. If you wish to collect another red box item it can be found in the dock area.

Tatsukichi by Reimaru
Name: Tatsukichi , Health: 20

Tatsukichi is an easy enemy. She is an untrained fighter. If you choose to fight her to death beware of her poisonous dagger. To end the fight with one strike run towards her and press circle. This will trigger a cutscene showing Ayame defeating Tatsukichi with one strike from behind.

Grandmaster Item
Chameleon Spell

Mission Stats
Enemies: 12
Innocents: 2

Hidden Items
2x red box, 1x health potion