I am Rin of the Beniya

written by Swiftshark

Rin This is Rin from Beniya
Rin joned the Beniya and works for Lady Ogin now. She is hired to kill the bandit Katuragi Toshinari. He is living in a difficult to access cave system. Beware of pits!

Recommended Items
2x blowgun

Difficulty: Normal

As soon as you gain control, double jump over the ditch immediately in front of you and then crouch and roll 5 times right up to the dog and Stealth Kill him. (You should have more than enough time to do this) Now continue to roll forward into the little cave and pick up the flash bomb. Move through the short cave and then hug the right wall and observe the guard stationed outside. As soon as he turns his back, hug the opposite wall and move almost to the mouth opening of the cave. Now simply wait for the other guard to walk up to the first guard and as soon as he turns so that both backs are turned, run up between them and execute an easy Double Stealth Kill. Now grapple up onto the scaffolding and grab the health potion and then enter the Bougetsu Cave.

Move up the initial corridor and then hug the left wall at the bend. Now wait for the samurai to come to the nearest point and as soon as he begins to turn, run around and Stealth Kill him. Quickly drag his body into the doorway and then slowly crouch and creep up the incline just high enough to see the archer stationed in the corner. There is a bottomless pit ahead so wait until he turns to his right and then run and double jump over the pit and Stealth Kill him. Immediately crouch and look down the long corridor from this vantage point. A patrolling guard will soon appear. As soon as he turns, double jump over the second bottomless pit and run up to Stealth Kill him as well. Now head right into the dead end alcove and look up. Grapple and hang from the left ledge and wait for the guard to walk right up to you. As soon as he turns, quickly climb up and Stealth Kill him and crouch. Now move just a bit down the incline and then wait for the samurai below to walk out into the corridor. As soon as he turns to continue walking, run down and Stealth Kill him too. Now enter the room on your right and pick up the 2 rice-balls in the Red Box Item overlooking the bottomless pit. Next, grapple across the pit and climb up and immediately hug the left wall and peek around the corner. Observe the guard who is patrolling this corridor as well as one way at the end. When the guard is at his nearest point and turns, remove him from the payroll for good. Now crouch and move down slowly and wait for the second patrolling guard to reappear. Wait for his double take and then rush down to Stealth Kill him as well. Now backtrack back to the last samurai you killed and enter that room by hugging the left wall and peeking around the corner. When the patrolling guard appears, wait for him to turn and then Stealth Kill him as well. Exit the room the same way you came from and head back up the incline and look across at the guard patrolling the bridge ahead.

When he is at his nearest point and turns, double jump across, run up and Stealth Kill him. Quickly drag his body back and then crouch at the beginning of the bridge. Notice the two cave openings on either side below the bridge and then wait for the archer to show himself way up ahead. Use a blowgun Dart to kill him or wait until he walks away and then roll across the bridge and keep rolling through the streaming water to get close enough for a Stealth Kill. There is a blowgun Dart hidden in a Red Box Item in the little alcove on the right. Now follow the path the archer was on and turn left and crouch through the water, down the incline until you come to the opening, which looks across into the opposite cave. Use your blowgun Dart to kill the patrolling guard when he is at the opening and turns. Now backtrack and head left to go into the river warp.

Once you regain control keep “R1” pressed and lean against the right wall and peek out. There is a patrolling samurai here and another patrolling guard in the room on the left, which is out of view. When the samurai turns to walk out, use the last blowgun Dart to kill him. (If you don’t have any then you’ll simply have to take a chance of being spotted and roll up to Stealth Kill him). Now wait for the second patrolling guard to discover him and then when he returns to a calm state, stealthily hug the right corner and observe his movements. When you are ready to go in for the kill, roll up to him to avoid making noise and then Stealth Kill him. There is a health potion in the first alcove of the long corridor leading to the cave opening looking over the bottomless pit as well. Lastly, simply run up the last inclined corridor and out into the fresh midnight air to trigger the cut-scene.

Master of Assassins Item

Mission Stats

Enemies: 16
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
1x flash bomb, 2x health potion, 2x rice-ball