Fated Reunions

written by Chris

Ayame Little Sign of Fate
After failing to kill Juzo, Ayame follows him to a cavern. But all she finds is a dead thief, who has been killed by Rin. Ayame listens to a conversation between Rin and Kichigoro. There is nothing more to do, escape the cave at once!

Recommended Items
1x blow gun , 1x poison rice , 1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

This mission is difficult especially if you want to remain unseen and unlock mission 6.2 – however it can be done without special ninja items.

Kumagoro by Reimaru
BossName: Kumagoro, Health: 100
The bear isn’t too much of a problem as long as you avoid his mighty blows. Use strafe to move left or fight and when the bear rears on its
hind legs run behind and unleash you combo. Continue this ploy until the bear is dead.

After killing the bear exit and collect the healing item on the left. Head down the tunnel and at the first corner cling the wall on the right. A sword ninja will approach and stop at the bend, observe, before turning back. At that moment jump out and kill him. The passageway heads down to a stream where a ninja stands in the water guarding. Use the blow gun to take out this enemy as another enemy patrols nearby. If you aren’t very good with the blow gun my tip is to aim a little above the ninja and let gravity do its work. The other enemy should not spot his colleagues dead body so you can head down towards the water.

Cling to the wall on your left and watch the enemies movements in the water. As he moves away to the left, roll towards him and then attack for a silent kill, keep crouched and collect the scrolls. It is very important to remain crouched until you have left the water, so head back towards a dry passageway leading down. A sword ninja patrols ahead. Wait until his back is turned to run down and kill him. An an alternative approach is to run down hiding in the alcove on the left and wait until he returns to kill him. Beyond this enemy is another ninja patrolling the cavern. Cling the wall to you right and jump him when his back is turned.

Grapple up to the bridge ahead and move left whilst hanging. You will discover a ninja standing guard. Wait until he completely turns his back on you before going for the kill. Head further down the passage way, and jump the gap, then crouch at the top of the downward slope. A ninja will appear from the left. When he faces away from you run down the slope and kill him. Drag his body a little way back up the slope. Using stealth, cling to the left wall and enter the small chamber. An enemy will appear to your left. As soon as he turns to walk back rush out and kill him, before he glances back for a second look. Collect the health potion and leave the chamber the way you entered and turn left.
Cling the wall on your left and progress to the corner. Eventually an enemy will come into sight, when he turns his back stealth kill him. You may need to cancel the kill animation as there is another nearby enemy who will be no doubt alerted by your handy work, so make a very quick retreat. Wait until this ninja is convinced his friend bled to death from a shaving accident before dispatching with him. Continue on into the planked floor area and cling to the wall ahead. The next kunoichi can be a little awkward as she stops and turns around a lot. The best tactic is to move to the other wall on your left and observe her for awhile, when she is out of sight move closer clinging to the wall on your right. Peer around the corner and go for the kill. Alternatively you could lure her with the poison rice, but you will need that item later so be sure to kill her before she eats it.

The final area has 3 enemies, and this will be the area where you so far unspotted reign could come to an abrupt end. It is a very difficult area in which an invisibility spell, should you have unlocked it from grand mastering this mission makes it much easier. However let us assume you have no such item. Throw a poison rice down the slope to entice the nearest enemy. When he closes in rush down the slop and kill him. Now make a quick retreat back up the slope. If you victim goes unnoticed creep a little way back down the slope to observe an assassin. When he is as far away as his route takes him, dash down and into the small cave on your right. Collect the 3 firecrackers. Slowly creep up the passageway slope and wait. Eventually a ninja will enter. When he turns to head back out kill him. Again, retreat, as it is likely the final enemy might see your handy work. If not, head back to the cave entrance and cling to the wall, from here you should have no problem killing the final enemy. Now head to the other cave entrance denoted on your map by the indicator.

Grandmaster Item
Invisibility Spell

Mission Stats
Enemies: 16
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
4x red box