The Blind Masseuse

Rin Punishment goes to Nasu or the Princess?
Ogin hires Rin to assassinate the masseuse Nasu.Nasu uses his profession to kill women. During the mission Futaba will reveal her true identity and Ayame will be captured. Assassinate Nasu and rescue the captive ninja!

Recommended Items
1x poison rice, 1x healing potion or 1x ninja rebirth
If you have troubles fighting bosses take grenades, smoke bombs, mine, super shuriken, whatever your favourite boss battle item is and the ninja rebirth instead of the healing potion or more than only 1 healing potion.

Difficulty: Normal

This is a very beautiful and fun mission. There are several alternative paths and the mission design gives you a lot of possibilities to sneak up on enemies from different locations. This walkthrough gives you the shortest and quickest route to beat the mission and pick up the map, which unlocks mission 7.2 . If you don’t pick up the map mission 7.1 is being unlocked.
Ignore the 2 enemies in front of you and turn around. You can use the grappling hook to climb on one of the nice lantern walls. A river is on the other side. On the far right side, next to the small hut, a red box is hidden. Swim to the far left side of the river, it is a shortcut to another part of the mission.
Grapple onto the bridge and prepare to fight Ayame.

Ayame by Reimaru
Name: Ayame, Health: 100
Ayame can be pretty frustrating to fight, because she is quick and uses items. The good news are you only have to reduce her health down to 30. The best tactic is to stay close to her and wait until she attempts to perform her forward thrust attack. Right at the moment she shoots forward unleash your own attack combo on her. Be careful when Ayame does a backflip! A backflip is usually followed by a salvo of super shuriken. The super shuriken can be esily avoided by jumping to the side.

Thanks to Ayame’s help you have escaped and find yourself near the house Nasu and the captured Ayame can be found.Crouch a bit to the left and stay crouched. An assassin is walking past the gate. Wait until your Ki-Meter drops down to 30 and go through the gate. Quickly climb on the left house’s roof (its roof is spiked on one side). Jump to the house next it (without spikes) and from there jump on the big houses’ roof. Watch out for an open window (marked on the map by a red square) and crawl through it into the house.

Another red box is ahead (it either contains 5 shuriken or 5 caltrops). On the left is an opening in the floor. Get down and stay crouched at the bottom of the stairs. A female assassin will soon come into view. She won’t spot you, even though she will be looking in your direction. Wait until she turns left and quickly run down the stairs for a stealth kill. You have to be really quick because after 2 seconds she will turn right again. Hide her corpse by the stairs, so the assassin in the next room won’t notice her. Hug the left wall and take and observe the room. When the assassin can’t be seen, get on the closes barrel. It is easy to perform a jump/top stealth kill now. Face the wall with the windows. There is a small ledge beyond the windows. Get on the ledge and pick up the healing potion. Turn your back to the windows and look up. There are several wooden beams. On the beams the house map you need to unlock mission 7.2 can be found in the red box. Don’t pick up the map to unlock mission 7.1 .Whatever your decision is, carefully entry the next room and crouch up the stairs to have a better view on the assassin patrolling in the far left corner. Don’t crouch up the stairs too high or an enemy guarding the loft will spot you. The assassins movement pattern is easy + you have the height advantage, just get rid of him. There are 3 openings in the wall ahead. The middle and the right path both lead to Nasu, giving you 2 alternative ways of killing him.

Alternative 1
Crouch close to the right opening and notice an standing around. He is really difficult to see. Be patient and wait until he turns twice right to stealth kill him or use poison rice to lure him. Afterwards go through the brown door and down the stairs. Follow the corridor until it ends and watch how Nasu gets his punishment.

Alternative 2
Go through the opening in the middle and to the white door with the leaves. You have to fight Nasu.

Nasu by Reimaru
Name: Nasu, Health: 100
Nasu has some mean attacks,which are difficult to avoid (some can’t even be blocked) because of the smallness of the room. Try to keep the overview and use the throw attack (circle) when Nasu blocks. If the 2nd box you picked up contained shuriken throw them at Nasu, if it contained caltrops throw the caltrops and lure Nasu to step on them. This will give you enough time to finish him off with your combo.

No matter what way you choose you have to find the captured Ayame now. Activate the white door ahead by pressing your back (R1) to the door. The door will turn around. Follow the corridor until you reach a red staircase. A female assassin patrols the staircase up and down. You have to be a little patient until she is in the right position for a stealth kill. Go down and open the door to Ayame’s prison cell.

Grandmatser Item
Chameleon Spell

Mission Stats
Enemies: 19
Innocents: 2

Hidden Items
1x health potion, 5x red box (one contains the map needed to unlock mission 7.2)