What Lurks in the Shadow

written by Chris

Rin Assassination and evil deeds are best done in the dark
Ogin hires Rin to assassinate the massagist Nasu. Nasu uses his profession to kill women. Futaba will reveal her true identity and Ayame will be captured. Assassinate Nasu and rescue the captive ninja! If you are spotted the mission is lost.

Recommended Items
1x poison rice , 1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

The problem with this mission is that is has a stealth requirement, so you cannot be seen. You have to achieve the right balance of safety and risk taking in order to achieve the Grandmaster ranking. Obviously killing more enemies increases your score, but also the risk of you being detected. At the start of the mission rush forward and kill the kunoichi, you can reach her before she turns around. Now turn around back the way you came as there is a handy shortcut. Grapple up and over the yellow wall, and roll into the water. Swim left. At the next screen grapple up to the bridge to face Ayame.

Ayame by Reimaru
Name: Ayame , Health: 100
Ayame can be difficult since she is very agile. Block her attacks and then counter. If she use her jump attack this leaves her very vulnerable to your full combo. Be careful is she rolls backwards as she can throw a shuriken. In this case just side step left or right, if you are lucky you can sometimes pick up the projectile yourself. You only need to get Ayame’s health below 30 points.

After the cut-scene you a placed at the entrance to an awkward town. There are some items to your right, a health potion and blow guns in the water, but I would ignore these and quickly grapple to the building beyond the doorway on the right. It is likely you will fall down to the lower roof layer, if so quickly jump left to the adjacent building and then right again. Further to the right to enemies are in conversation. Position yourself above them on a roof for a dual stealth kill and some very valuable points. If you have time to collect their scrolls do so, otherwise make a quick retreat back to the rooftops before someone comes to find the corpses Head for the marker on your map, a skylight access point to crawl through upon the highest building. Crawl through, collecting the items, and drop down the hole. Head down the stairs and grapple up onto the barrels directly ahead. Move along the planks and position yourself between the enemy and the doorway. A kunoichi will approach the doorway from the next room. Throw your poison rice dead ahead and you should entice both enemies. Go for the dual stealth kill. If you think you have missed, quickly abort the stealth kill animation and kill the other enemy. Under the barrels there is the map, use the crawlspaces to collect it. In the next room go up the stairs and collect a health potion. You now have two ways to kill Nasu, you can either take the middle exit and have a direct fight, or go right and trigger a cut-scene stealth kill. Both trigger different cut-scenes so choose the one you didn’t do in Mission 6.1

Nasu by Reimaru
Name: Nasu, Health: 100
Nasu is a difficult boss, as some of his attacks cannot be blocked. Use any items you have acquired in the level to your advantage, or perhaps bring more than the recommended quota. Smoke bombs and grenades are effective. Make quick darting attacks and retreats to best maximise your chances of victory.

After defeating Nasu pass through the revolving wall and head down the stairs on your left.

Grandmaster Item
Invisibility Spell

Mission Stats
Enemies: 14
Innocents: 2

Hidden Items
2x health potion, 2x red box