A Sister’s Promise

written by Hitoame

Ayame Reason for Refusal Are the Sister Bells
Rin helps Ayame to escape from her prison. Ayame asks Rin to deliver a message to one of Gohda spies. Find Shinogi and retrieve the sister bell.

Recommended Items
1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

The mission itself actually isn’t too hard, as long as you advance both carefully and patiently. Most maneuvers will consist of waiting, followed by a quick run in order to reach your victims punctually. In this level Ayame’s poisonous swords (Dokutou) can be found.
Move a little forward in order to adjust the camera to the slope so you can see a masked ninja next to the stairs. Once he starts walking, run up to him and kill him. Turn left, slide the door open and run down the stairs. Lean against the wall by pressing R1 when next to it. Turn the camera, so you can look around the corner. You’ll see two guards patrolling. Do not rush to kill them separately! If you wait patiently they’ll come pretty close to you, but without being able to spot you. Once both of them turn their backs on you standing very close, perform a double stealth kill on them. If you have difficulties performing the double stealth kill use a poison rice to lure them both into a convenient position. Don’t mind the other two guards’ conversation in case you triggered it. You will not be able to reach them in time, but luckily their conversation distract them from walking around the area and thus spotting you more easily. This is to be used to your advantage. Place yourself at the stairs and jump or grapple to the little ledge on the left. There’s a masked ninja on the ground that will soon turn left and walk off. As soon as he is out of sight, jump down at the very end of the ledge and kill him, but make sure not to be seen. Crawl through the little hole in the wall to your right and pick up the red box which contains a talisman. Be careful not to run through the water, otherwise you’ll alert the ninja located on the platform in the upper corner of the room. Grapple up to the ledge. Wait for the enemy to turn around, then pull up and stealth kill him.

Press against the revolving door and immediately lean against the wall to your right, so you can watch the kunoichi coming up to you. As soon as she passes you by, you’ll be able to perform an easy left side stealth kill on her. Pick up the egg and the rice ball on the small shelves left of the revolving door. Follow the corridor the kunoichi was patrolling until you reach the stairs. Crouch down and observe the approaching shimatsuya. Once he passed by, kill him.Next, turn left and hug the wall to your right. This gives a good overview on what is happening inside the next room. Kkill the patrolling guard, when he turns away. Grapple to the upper room with the huge oven and lean against the wall to your left. There is a kunoichi and a masked ninja observing the area. The ninja will remain on the same spot, but the kunoichi walks up and down. She’ll turn her back on you, just to turn around again. Be cautious! When the ninja turns his back on you and the kunoichi walks to the back corner of the room, rush out and first kill the ninja, then kill the kunoichi. This room also contains a red box with two bell darts in it which is located on the left side of the lowered level. Watch out for traps! Don’t step on the trapdoors and make sure not to be hit by the spear once jumping down there.

When you’ve collected all the items you need, return to the room that you entered through the revolving door. Crouch at the door so it slides open only a bit and you can peek through it. Stealth kill the guard as he turns away and immediately carry his dead body back into the room you came from. For this purpose, better cancel the stealth kill animation by pressing circle. Quickly climb the platform and crouch down on the very right, so the approaching kunoichi won’t spot you. Kill her. There’s another red box on the platform containing fireworks. Advance until you reach the next stairway. Crawl up the stairs to see what’s in the next room. You’ll find a shimatsuya and a masked ninja supervising their surroundings. The ninja will remain in the room, walking back and forth, whereas the shimatsuya will temporarily leave the room. In order to make sure the shimatsuya won’t bother you killing the ninja, use Ayame’s Kodama Hiroi move. It helps you making out their pathways. After the shimatsuya has left the room, he’ll turn around once more. Now, as soon as he walks off in direction of the corridor, wait for the ninja to turn left, then stealth kill him. Cancel the stealth kill animation and rush to the shimatsuya who is facing the stairs, kill him too.

Ayame’s poisoned blades are hidden in the room located at the bottom of the hallway to your left. This room also contains a health potion. Pick up both items and return to the corridor in which you just killed the shimatsuya. There’s another revolving door giving way to Shinogi.

Shinogi by Reimaru
Name: Shinogi , Health: 100
Shinogi isn’t to difficult. Block his attacks and counter with your own. His only useful move is where he smashes the wooden flooring with his foot, leaving Ayame vulnerable to attacks. Its very similar to your own smoke bomb attack. Retreat and use the health potion if you have difficulties.

Grandmaster Item
Ninja Armour

Mission Stats

Enemies: 14
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
2x red box, 1x egg, 2x health potion, 1x rice ball