For Whom the Bell Tolls

written by Chris

Ayame Sound of bells in the mechanical mansion
Rin helps Ayame to escape from her prison and gives her the mansion map, which reveals a secret path inside the mansion. Ayame asks Rin to deliver a message to one of Gohda spies. Find Shinogi and retrieve the sister bell.

Recommended Items
1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

This is a pretty straight forward mission if you take your time and don’t rush. This level contains Ayame’s poison swords which can be found towards the end of the level. Climb the stairs and turn left. Creep towards the door so you can peek through it. Don’t worry you won’t be seen. Beyond the door is a masked ninja. Kill him. Head down the stairs and position yourself so that you can see around the corner. There are two enemies in this area. As the bold martial arts expert heads back down the stairs from where he came rush out and kill the closer enemy. Drag his body out of sight back around the stairs and wait for the other enemy to appear. Once you have killed him do not go dowm the stairs, as although this will trigger a cut-scene it will mean you cannot collect the poison swords. Instead collect the health on the left and pass through the revolving door. If you are lucky you will not have triggered the next two enemies conversation and be able to perform an easy dual stealth kill. If they have finished talking not to worry its not much more difficult. Position yourself at the end of the wall so you can see beyond the corner. As the kunoichi walks right to left hop out and kill the ninja. Quickly cancel the stealth kill animation (circle) and run after the kunoichi, killing her. Don’t forget to collect your scrolls! Continue along the passageway and drop down into a new area.

Beyond the corner are some stairs which a masked ninja patrols. When he reaches the bottom of the stairs get even closer and then kill him before he starts his way back up. Creep up the stairs and kill the kunoichi who guards in the distance. Creep onwards to the sliding doors and take another peek. A ninja will eventually appear. Kill him and make a quick retreat back through the door. It is more than likely his body will be spotted by a martial arts expert before you have the chance to hide it. Once that enemy has returned to ? mode position yourself so the sliding doors are open and you are clinging the wall on the left. His patrol route should be such that he appears. Be careful ha can be sneaky and quickly turn back, so make sure he is walking away before going for the kill. Collect the scroll item that is on top of the shelves in this area before continuing on.

There are some stairs on your right, creep up them and kill the ninja patrolling in the room. You are very near the end of the level, don’t worry about the cat just find a set of stairs nearby to head down which lead to a sliding door. Take a peek and kill the ninja beyond. On the floor in the trench should be a health potion and the poison swords. Head back out the way you came until you see a revolving door head through it, collecting the health item, and prepare for the boss fight.

Shinogi by Reimaru
Name: Shinogi , Health: 100
Shinogi isn’t to difficult. Block his attacks and counter with your own. His only useful move is where he smashes the wooden flooring with his foot, leaving Ayame vulnerable to attacks. Its very similar to your own smoke bomb attack. Retreat and use the health potion if you have difficulties.

Grandmaster Item
Ninja Armour

Mission Stats
Enemies: 12
Innocents: 2

Hidden Items
1x red box, 2x health potion, 1x egg