A Task Without Reward

written by Swiftshark

Rin Crossing the Checkpoint, no rewards
Find Mimizuku outside Lord Gohda’s Checkpoint to deliver the secret message for Ayame.

Recommended Items
3x blowgun

Difficulty: Normal

When you begin, grapple up onto the tall left gatepost and crouch. Now observe the scene below you. There is an archer stationed atop the little watchtower and another patrolling guard beneath him. Wait for the Archer to turn his back and then double jump over and Stealth Kill him as you land. Immediately crouch after doing so and now drop down on the patrolling guard beneath you and Stealth Kill him as well. Now roll back towards the gate and grapple up on the left most portion of it next to the rock wall. Turn around and remain crouched and now look across at the spear wielding guard who comes in and out of view behind the dividing wall ahead. Highlight your blowgun and then kill him with a shot while he is walking from left to right and stops. If you already have the Hawk Eye Ability then you’ll also be able to see the dog behind him.

Now drop down from the gate and roll to your right up the incline a bit until you hear a guard conversation. At this point immediately roll back and again grapple back up onto the east most portion of the fence next to the wall. Remain crouched and patiently wait for the guard to walk down from your right and stop exactly beneath you. As soon as he turns to walk away, drop down and Stealth Kill him. Now roll forward to the little hut and then grapple onto the roof and immediately crouch. Look at your in game map and position yourself on the SW most corner of this roof and remain crouched. From here you’ll be able to easily observe the patrolling dog while being out of sight from the stationary guard on the other side of the roof. Highlight your blowgun again and kill the dog with a shot when he pauses and isn’t looking in your direction. (For some reason shuriken from this distance, even with Hawk Eye leave him with 1 HP) Now creep up the roof just high enough so that you can observe the stationary guard below on the other side. Watch his turning pattern and when he turns his back, roll down and Stealth Kill him. Now roll towards your right along the wall and keep going until you are at the eastern most portion of the map. (You should be crouched on a slope) Stay here and observe a patrolling guard up ahead by the stone monument. As soon as he walks behind the monument, run up and grapple up onto the stone monument and immediately crouch. Now simply watch him from this vantage point and then drop down and Stealth Kill him as he walks back towards the right.

Continue now by crouching and moving slowly to the left(west) until you come to the edge overlooking another patrolling guard below. Watch his pattern and then roll down and Stealth Kill him when his is over by the wall. Crouch again and move forward towards the ledge overlooking the river below and observe another patrolling guard walking along the river’s edge. Also take this time to look across the river and up a bit to see a patrolling Archer who walks up and down the far path. When he is out of range and the guard beneath you is nearby with his back to you, drop down and Stealth Kill him. Now roll all the way to the left(west) along the river and then roll through the river onto the other side and creep up behind the jutting rock on the embankment. Stay crouched behind this rock and wait for the Archer to patrol back down. Wait for him to turn and then double jump over the rock and run up behind him to Stealth Kill him. Now follow his path up to the end and then grapple your way up to the NW corner of the map (upper left) to grab the cannon in the Red Box Item. Now jump back down (don’t walk left along the ledge because you will trigger the cutscene) and run back across the river and head up onto the bridge. Cross the bridge and now head left along the narrow ledge alongside the building and then double jump over to the small outcropping to grab Rin’s demon claws in the Red Item Box. Now simply head to either entrance of the building to trigger the cutscene and complete the mission.

You can get spotted up to two times and still get an ASSASSIN Ranking provided you Stealth Kill all 10 enemies and are only spotted briefly. However, if you followed my path exactly then you should not have been seen at all.

Master of Assassins Item

Mission Stats
Enemies: 10
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
1x cannon, 1x demon claws (Rin’s special weapon)