Foreign Land

written by Chris

Ayame Crossing the checkpoint, on the path – many enemies
After entrusting the secret message to Rin, Ayame hurries to cross the checkpoint. Find the location where Rin and Mimizuku meet.

Recommended Items
1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

This is a very evil mission. Not to finish, but to Grandmaster. However it is possible, with practice, to kill all without being seen. I personally would try and do this whole level without items that way you score a bonus which may help you reach the 300 points needed for the highest ranking. This level will require patience, for each kill I recommend cancelling the animation to reduce the chances of being seen. Initially, however, you must make it pass 3 alerted enemies.

Shimatsuya by Reimaru
Name: Shimatsuya Samurai, Health: 60
Name: Shimatsuya Massagist, Health: 50
Name: Shimatsuya Female, Health: 35

Taking all 3 enemies at once is futile. Lure one enemy at a time up to the platform, access at the right. From here you will standard a better chance of defeating them. A quick head-stomp (circle) followed by an attack whilst the enemy is grounded can prove a useful combination. After each enemy is defeated return to the bottom and lure another up. Remember if you leave the Shimatsuya Samurai to kill last you get a cutscene with him doing a runner.If you have problems defeating them take advantage of the vast variety of items you have. Super shuriken and grenades and can work wonders in a fight.

Collect the health potion on the ledge down the path to the left. Cling the right wall and observe 2 enemies in conversation. Head back to the ledge and wait patiently assuming a crouched position. Eventually an enemy will appear, run out and kill him. Head back to the twin watch towers and up to the platform via the right route. Slowly make your way forward. Below you an enemy patrols forwards and backwards, bob up and down at a distance until the enemy’s interest cause him to enter !-mode and approach your position. Quickly roll back and hide behind the barrel. He will come quite close and then turn to head back. Kill him and roll back. Watch the high level ahead of you where a kunoichi patrols. As she heads away run down the bank and kill the enemy who is standing guard below you. Grapple up to the ledge ahead to the point where the kunoichi comes to. This is where you must be patient.It can take up to several minutes to get this moment right. You need to kill the kunochi as she immediately heads away, however there are 2 enemies that may see you do this. One stands guard on your right, another patrols far left. You must wait until the one standing guard is looking either left or away from you and the other enemy is at the furthest point of his patrol, up the slope. At this point jump up and kill her, quickly retreating. Repeat this process on the enemy who stands guard, before finally picking off the 3rd enemy. Slowly head up the slope on the right, do not go all the way up. Below you is the final human enemy and a dog – carefull as the dog can see you if you go to far up the slope. As the dog heads away drop down, kill the enemy and use a crouching attack on the dog to be sure you get him. Head up the slope ahead to the final goal.

Grandmaster Item
Breath Of Fire

Mission Stats
Enemies: 8
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
2x red box, 1x health potion