Flames of Passion

written by Swiftshark

Rin Needle Service to Burning Passion
Only Ogin and Rin are left to protect Beniya from the Kuroya assassins. Rin is asked to deliver a letter to the leader of the Muzen assassins Zennosuke Ikomaya, to ask for his assistance.

Recommended Items
blowgun x2, ninja rebirth, invisibility spell, demon claw, any explosive item of your choice x2 (cannon, grenade, …)

Difficulty: Normal

As soon as you begin, climb onto the small roof besides you and immediately crouch. Now creep up just enough to observe the two patrolling monks. Wait for the nearer one to begin walking to the left and when the other one turns to walk away, double jump over and Stealth Kill the nearest one. Now double jump back across the river and run to the far corner to grab the health potion before returning back onto the roof and again crouching. Wait for the second guard to return and discover his fallen comrade and then double jump across to Stealth Kill him as he relaxes and walks away. (You can also grapple up onto the red archway and stalk him from there.) Roll up along the path and stop when you can see the next open area. Remain crouched and look up at the patrolling guard atop the far ledge. When he walks away, grapple up and hang from the ledge right above the candle-lit shrine. Wait for him to return and turn and then climb up and Stealth Kill him. Now crouch and move to your left until you can see the patrolling guard below by the little hut. Drop down one ledge and remain crouched and as soon as he passes underneath, drop down and Stealth Kill him. Now head behind the house to find another health potion hidden in the Red Box Item. Turn and continue onward while crouching and you’ll soon see a stationary guard way up ahead. Use your first blowgun dart to kill him and slowly move forward until you see the gap you need to jump across. Jump over to the first gap and then take a running double jump to get across the second, longer gap. Now crouch and move along the path and stop midway up the slope leading to the next area. Remain crouched and observe a patrolling guard on the ledge ahead. When he walks to the left, roll all the way up under the ledge and remain crouched. Now take a look at the area here.

There are two guards a little down the way and another two across the bridge. Highlight your invisibility spell and wait for the guard above you to turn and then quickly do it, jump up and Stealth Kill him. Cancel the animation and run to the two guards and Double Stealth Kill them before the invisibility spell wears off. Highlight your blowgun and kill the stationary guard across the bridge with your second shot. (Aim slightly higher than him to avoid falling the dart from short.) Run to the far right and grab the flash bomb in the Red Item Box tucked away in the corner. Return to the bridge and drop down to the lower ledge on the right side and grapple and hang from the lower rope. Now shimmy across and then drop down onto the lower ledge there. Grapple and hang from the bridge ledge and now observe the patrol pattern of the guard atop the steps on your right. When he walks away, climb up and go lean up against the wall on the left side of the steps and wait for him to return. As soon as he turns to walk away, run up and Stealth Kill him as well. Now head up and then crouch and move down the steps and stop just short of the little bridge as you observe the stationary guard ahead. Also look up from here to the second level and wait until you see the head of the patrolling guard above. Now focus on the guard ahead and as soon as he begins to turn his back, quickly run up and Stealth Kill him. Drag his body towards the wall to avoid alarming the other guard and then head back to the little bridge and grapple up and hang from the ledge right beside it. Wait for the guard to walk towards the left and then climb up and roll to the foot of his ledge. When he walks away again, jump up and Stealth Kill him. Now grab the egg in the Red Item Box which is hidden just besides the main door and then highlight your favourite item for battles and enter the doorway.

Hitoha by Reimaru

Name: Hitoha, Health: 100
Name: Futaba, Health: 100

If you brought along the cannon item this battle will be a walk in the park. As soon as the battle begins, shoot Hitoha as he charges in and it will eat up most of his power. Don’t even concern yourself with Futaba. Instead focus all of your efforts to kill him. If you kill Futaba first, Hitoha will go into an incredible rage and become a lot more difficult to defeat. Uuse the flash bomb or whatever your favourite boss battle item is, as soon as he charges in again and then unload a combo on him that will surely leave a mark. Now you can focus your attention on Futaba. She shoots poison darts at you but in all honesty she is a rather weak opponent. Keep at her and keep strafing to avoid her arrows as you move closer and then unleash your combos. You should have her defeated in no time.
Futaba by Reimaru
If you want to win this fight without using items, make sure to separate Hitoha and Futaba, for example by running around in circles. Kill Hitoha first. Make a quick attack, then retreat, so Futaba can’t aim with her poisoned darts at you. Repeat until you win.

Grandmaster Item
Fake Rat

Mission Stats
Enemies: 12
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
2x health potion, 1x egg, 1x flash bomb