Flames of Sorrow

written by Chris

Rin Flames abide, needle of sentiment
Only Ogin and Rin are left to protect Beniya from the Kuroya assassins. Rin is asked to deliver a letter to the leader of the Muzen assassins Zennosuke Ikomaya, to ask for his assistance. The Kuroya use guardian deities to exchange information. Rotate all 5 guardian deities to confuse the Kuroya. Don’t fall of the cliff or you will die.

Recommended Items
1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

The objective behind this mission is to realign all the deities indicated on the map by the red dots. This walkthrough assumes you have now unlocked Rin’s 8th Special Ability; Leaves of Stealth. If you haven’t then additional items bay be required than the ones recommended. Grapple on to the roof and then on to the pagoda(?) ahead of you, guarded nearby by a staffed monk. A poison-dart monk will appear from the left. At this point jump down behind him and go for the kill, then rush back to kill the staffed monk. Rotate the first deity and collect the health potion on the other side of the stairs.

Continue along the path taking the left turn. Hide in the foliage on the right, just before the path narrows. Rotate in a crouched position so you can see the staffed monk as soon as he is inline with your position, rush out and kill him. Grapple above the foliage you hid in and climb up. Immediately use Rin’s Leaves of Stealth ability (R1 + L3) and approach a martial artist in the area below. Get behind so when you reappear an easy kill is yours.

Jump on the roof of the nearby building to observe two guards in conversation. Drop down for a dual kill. Rotate the nearby deity. Grapple back up from where you came from and use your map to head to the next deity, be careful of the pitfall! A red box item is positioned on the ridge of the route you will need to take. Head south towards the narrowed path. A good series of jumps is required to take you past this tricky cliff face.

Once you reach the other side slowly creep up the slope. Stay well below the crest of the hill and observe a staffed monk. As he turns to walk away go for the kill, followed by a hasty retreat backwards. It is more than likely that his death will grab the attention of one of the martial artist patrolling nearby. Wait for him to return to his normal route before taking your next move. Run back up the slop and jump to the higher ground. Grapple up to the roof above and move left. From here you will be in a perfect position to kill the two martial artists.

One enemy stands guard whilst the other patrols, drop down and kill the one standing guard as the patrolling one begins to walk away. Cancel the animation, and then run after the second enemy. Once they are both dead use your map to find the nearby deity and also collect the red box item in the nearby alcove. Next you need to cross the bridge. Do this by dropping to a platform below the bridge. Keep a close eye on the enemy on the other side, as he heads away grapple up and move right across the canyon. When you get to the other side drop to a similar platform below. Be weary of the poison-dart monk patrolling nearby. He has a good look over the other side, starts to head away, stops and has another look. It is after then you should pop up for the kill.

Once he is dead, find the deity and also a red box item on a platform nearby. Cotinue down the path, through the tunnel and onto a tiny wooden bridge. From here super jump right for another deity. Next grapple high above you to the left. In the distance is another poison-dart monk. At an appropriate time climb up, approach and use Leaves of stealth to get closer for the kill. Again try and get behind him before killing him. A staffed monk is patrolling below and should be an easy kill from this position. Find the final deity and head through the main doors for the dual boss fight.

Hitoha by Reimaru
Name: Hitoha, Health: 100
Name: Futaba, Health: 100

A difficult fight. I recommend going for Hitoha first, and once he is defeated concentrating on Futaba. Completely ignore Futaba and imagine you are in a single fight with Hitoha, block his attacks and retaliate with your combo. When he crouches there is an opportunity to get a throw in. Once he is dead
Futaba by Reimaru
Futaba unleashes poisonous projectiles. Dont worry just get in there and she will quickly be defeated. You may need to replenish health, if so retreat and you should have enough time. Should you defeat Futaba first Hitohoa will become enraged and with flaming fists do more devastating attacks.

Grandmaster Item
Fake Rat

Mission Stats
Enemies: 12
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
1x health potion, 3x red box