A Dance of Swords

>written by Swiftshark

Ayame Killing Blade, Dual Blades, Great Drama
The town has fallen to the hands of the Kuroya. Reach the playhouse to rescue Ogin from Ranzou.

Recommended Items
2x smoke bomb, dokuto blades, 1x blowgun, 1x ninja rebirth

Difficulty: Normal

As soon as you begin turn slightly right and then double jump across and head up into the woods. As you run into the woods you’ll see an archer walking to your left, run up right behind him and Stealth Kill him. Now crouch and move to the far corner and observe a spear-wielding guard patrolling the tunnel. Wait for his back to be to you and then jump down and Stealth Kill him as well. Now crouch and move into the tunnel and stop at the bottom of the slope. Remain crouched, highlight your blowgun and kill the patrolling guard ahead when he appears from behind the wall. Now quickly retreat out of this tunnel and head into the other tunnel at the far side of the wall when you get near the other opening, crouch and wait for the other two guards in the area to find the dead body. Once everyone calms down again, run up slightly and then grapple up onto the right side of the roof ahead. Climb up and crouch and slowly move up so that you can observe both guards. One should now be stationary in front of the main door and the other patrols the far side. Wait for the patrolling guard to walk away and then quickly drop down and Stealth Kill the stationary guard beneath you. Quickly cancel the animation and run back a bit and then grapple back up onto the same roof again and crouch. Wait for the remaining guard to be alarmed and then drop down and Stealth Kill him as well. Grab the decoy bell in the Red Box, which is tucked away in the north west corner of the area. Then head into the area next to this one via the opening and pick up the health potion in the corner. Now drop stealthily(“R1”) down into the water and head through the crawlspace into the next area.

Keep R1 pressed as you exit the crawlspace and then grapple and hang from the left wall next to the bridge. Wait for the Archer to turn around and then quickly climb up and Stealth Kill him.(If he turns to walk onto the bridge, drop stealthily and wait and then grapple/hang
again) Now drag his body and dump it in the water below. Go to the Northern ledge and wait until you see the white cloth Samurai patrolling the far side. Once he is out of view, jump up and grapple up onto the roof and immediately crouch. Stay in the south eastern corner of this roof as you observe his patrol pattern. Also take this moment to look to your left as a guitar-toting Kunoichi patrols the main entrance of the large manor. Wait for the white cloth samurai to walk down the stairs and then slowly creep forward and then drop down and Stealth Kill him when he is right beneath you. Now head back down into the area with the water where you killed the Archer and head up the slope into the next area. Roll along the left perimeter until you trigger a guard conversation. Now immediately roll back down the slope and then hide between the slope and the wall as you wait for a guard to walk up. As soon as he turns to walk back, jump/run up and Stealth Kill him. Quickly cancel the animation and run right back to your hiding spot in case the other guard spots him. Once the coast is clear, slowly move while crouching along the left perimeter of this area until you are safely concealed behind the wooden fence. Lean up against the far side of it and peek around until you can see the white cloth Samurai who is patrolling around the wooden hut in front of you. When he is walking along the hut on your side, run up behind him and Stealth Kill him. Quickly cancel the animation and go hide between the perimeter and this house in case the Kunoichi spots him. Wait for her to calm down and then stalk and Stealth Kill her as well. Now grab the grenade hidden in the north west corner of the map and then head for the main entrance. Once inside there are two crawlspaces, the one on the right leads to a room with a patrolling Innocent Woman so go into the left one. Do not exit the crawlspace immediately because a guitar-toting Kunoichi will walk into view from the far corridor. As soon as she turns to walk back, exit the crawlspace, run up and hug the right wall to observe her. If the Innocent Woman at the far end is not in sight, quickly run in and Stealth Kill her. Now run up the staircase and grab the health potion above. Lastly, highlight your smoke bombs, arm yourself with the dokuto blades (wait out the effects) and then double jump over the railing so as to land on the stage below to trigger the cutscene and Boss Battle.

Ranzou by Reimaru
Name: Ranzou, Health: 100
Ranzou is not too fierce of an opponent, if you handle him the right way. Start out by dropping a smoke bomb as he rushes in and then unload a full-fledged combo on him. Immediately run up and do a floor attack while he is down. The usage of the dokuto blades will make him very vulnerable to attack due to the poisonous effects. Block when he attacks with a combo and be quick to retaliate. If you need to drink a health potion, run up the stairs to buy enough time to do this. There is one attack you must look out for. If you see a purple diagram start to form underfoot, jump out of the way. This spell that he casts will freeze you momentarily and trust me, it’s not for him to take a picture of you. Be aggressive and use the space to your advantage and Ranzou will perish under your might. If the battle takes longer than a minute and a half then a cut-scene will kick in and Ranzou will escape. If you are short on health then simply try to keep running away from him and use the staircase to buy time.

Grandmaster Item
Decoy Whistle

Mission Stats
Enemies: 11
Innocents: 2

Hidden Items
1x health potion, 1x grenade, 1x decoy whistle