Tenchu Kurenai (Ayame)

written by Swiftshark

Rin Tenchu Kurenai
Rin must find Manjirou, he knows where Jyuzou is. The promise of revenge has to be fulfilled.

Recommended Items
2x blowgun, 1x ninja rebirth, demon claw, 3x bamboo gun or caltrops

Difficulty: Normal

Crouch as soon as you begin and watch as a guard walks past you outside of the bamboo gates. Roll out after him as soon as he is in front of you and Stealth Kill him. Quickly retreat back into the starting point and hug the left side of the opening and wait for the patrolling monk ahead to discover the body. As soon as he returns to calm, rush out and Stealth Kill him. Now go back into the starting point again and then grapple and hang from the right bamboo fence in the SW corner. Manipulate your camera to observe the stationary guard below and then line yourself up with him. Now look to your right by maneuvering the camera and wait until you see the patrolling Innocent Civilian appear. Wait for him to walk away and then focus again on the stationary guy below. As soon as he turns, climb over and drop down to Stealth Kill him. Now quickly run across the bridge and then hug the left wall by the doorway to observe a stationary guard ahead. Observe his movements carefully as he sometimes does a double take(but don’t take too long to risk being spotted by the returning Civilian) and then quickly run in and Stealth Kill him while he’s turned to his left. Now run back past the same doorway and stop once you get to the stairway heading down. From up top you can observe the patrolling monk below. Get a feel for his pattern and then sneak down to the corner of the stairs and wait for him to walk to the far right. As soon as he turns, run down full speed to Stealth Kill him before he turns back again. Immediately crouch upon killing him and backtrack back up the stairs. Again pass the same doorway and the stationary guard you killed and now head halfway down the other stairway. Hop onto the little roof midway down and crouch as you observe a patrolling monk walking in and out of the adjacent fenced in area. When he walks out, roll down and position yourself by the sign in the SW corner facing North. Highlight your blowgun and kill him when he is back and turns away again. Stay put for a moment to make sure the stationary guard down below doesn’t discover him and then crouch and move closer to the entryway by the body. Observe the stationary guard and when he turns as far as he is going to, run in and quickly Stealth Kill him. Grab the health potion atop the boxes next to the house and then crouch as you approach the gate that leads into the next area. (Try to approach the gate as far left as possible)

Keep your “R1” button pressed as you gain control again and immediately roll to your left into the alcove. (Manjirou may be here, he looks like a Civilian) Whether he is or isn’t, grapple up onto the scaffolding and immediately crouch to avoid detection from the patrolling Kunoichi on the opposing scaffolding. Crouch and move to the south east edge of the scaffolding (But not down to the small addition) and then kill the Kunoichi with your second blowgun dart when she turns to walk back. Now look to your left into the area and you’ll notice a guard eventually walking below on the ground. When you see him, crouch and move to the far edge of your scaffolding and wait for him to walk beneath you as he prepares to walk up onto the neighboring one. Quickly drop down and Stealth Kill him. Now grapple back up onto your scaffolding and head back towards the perimeter from which you entered. Cross over now to the scaffolding where the dead Kunoichi lies and then slowly crouch and move towards the stationary guard at the far end of the scaffolding. Stay just out of range and observe both him and the patrolling Kunoichi below on the ground. Wait for her to be at her farthest point where she remains for several seconds and then run up and Stealth Kill the stationary guard while his back is turned. Quickly run all the way back to the dead Kunoichi from before and again cross over to the opposing scaffolding where you first climbed up. Now hop over to the neighboring one and crouch. Look ahead and you’ll notice a Bald Monk stationed atop the watchtower in the corner. Now slowly crouch and move so that you can observe the patrolling Kunoichi below. Creep to the edge as she approaches and then quickly drop down and Stealth Kill her as soon as she turns around beneath you. Cancel the animation, crouch and roll back to avoid detection from the Monk and then observe his patterns and take your time getting beneath the watchtower. (I recommend approaching him along the Northern wall from the NE portion of the area. Once beneath him look up and time his pattern. As soon as he turns, grapple up and quickly Stealth Kill him. (You cannot hang from this watchtower so be decisive) If you’ve already encountered Manjirou then you can proceed into the Sub Boss/Boss Battle by entering the door along the Northern wall between the watchtowers. If not, or if you want to still kill more enemies or grab the amulet then head to the gate along the eastern wall. (There is a grenade just off to the side). Crouch as you enter the gate and note that your Ki Meter is almost maxed out.

As soon as you gain control on the other side, Stealth Kill the stationary guard right in front of you and then drag his body up just so that he is out of view. Now enter the crawlspace under the porch on your right to pick up the amulet in the Red Item Box and exit back out the same way. Now go to the north east corner to find Manjirou (unless you already found him) and then return back through the same gate and head to the Sub Boss/Boss Battle by entering the door between the watchtowers. (There are still 5 enemies remaining in this area if you feel the need to wipe them all out but if you have followed this walkthrough exactly you should not have been seen at all. If you do decide to kill the remaining guards then beware the patrolling civilian from the beginning as you navigate your way around.

Name: Shou, Health: 100
Shou by Reimaru
Shou is really not too difficult an opponent to beat. My advice is to keep yourself locked on to him and strafe as you avoid his short bursts of shooting darts. When you get near him simply unload a full-fledged combo and try to always implement your death drop technique to add to the pain. When he is down, quickly run up and land a falling blow as well. Do not waste your time trying to throw Shou as he will probably send you sailing through the air instead with his own close range attack. Save your stronger weapons if you brought them for Jyuzou and simply focus on strafing and then attacking with him. If you are low on health, quickly drink your health potion while he is dying as the real battle is just about to begin.

Name: Jyzou, Health: 100
Jyuzou by Reimaru
Jyuzou is undoubtedly the most difficult boss in the game. He has a wide variety of attacks and a very tight defense. The best way to attack him is to block and strafe away from most of his slashes and then land your combo in from his side or back. Beware of the close range attack he has because he will first knee you in the head and then kick you in the face after you fall to your knees. This will take away quite a bit of health. If you brought your bamboo gun or cannon then fire them right after he has missed with a lunging attack. Use the expansive area to your advantage and just keep blocking and strafing around to find your openings. Caltrops are also extremely useful items to use against him as long as you are ready to move in and attack while he is hopping around on one foot. Other Items such as grenade, flash bomb, sticky bomb, explosive boxes etc are totally useless however. Once he has been defeated the final cutscene will start in.

Grandmaster Item
Sleeping Gas

Mission Stats
Enemies: 18
Innocents: 1

Hidden Items
1x health potion, 1x grenade, 1x amulet