Tenchu Kurenai (Rin)

written by Swiftshark

Rin Tenchu Kurenai
Rin must find Manjirou, he knows where Jyuzou is. The promise of revenge has to be fulfilled.

Recommended Items
1x amulet, 3x caltrops, 1x ninja rebirth

Difficulty: Normal

As soon as you gain control go and hug the left wall of the bamboo fence opening and observe the approaching Kunoichi. When she is right outside, quickly Stealth Kill, cancel the FMV, crouch and retreat back into the bamboo enclosure to avoid detection. Again hug the left opening and watch as a nearby enemy discovers her corpse. As soon as he relaxes, run out and Stealth Kill him as well. Now head towards the nearby bridge and look down at the patrolling guard sloshing through the water below you. Take your time and then drop down while keeping “R1” pressed and Stealth Kill him. Now grapple back up onto the path.

Head along the length of the building and then crouch as you get to the bridge. Look down below and you will see a patrolling guard through the opening ahead. When he walks away, double jump to land on the left side of the doorway and then hug it to observe him. Notice that a Bald Monk is patrolling between the houses ahead and when he is far enough away, Stealth Kill the guard. Quickly cancel the FMV and crouch and retreat back through the doorway in case the Monk comes over to investigate. Once he relaxes, Stealth Kill as well either from the rooftop above him or simply by running down the steps when he turns to walk away. Now grapple up onto the roof and creep to the far northern side and you’ll see a patrolling Kunoichi beneath you. Drop down and Stealth Kill her and crouch as you enter through the gates leading to the next area. As soon as you gain control, roll to the right and then grapple up and crouch on the wooden divider. Take a quick scan around and observe the stationary Kunoichi besides the watchtower on your right. As soon as she turns, double jump onto the watchtower and now take another scan around to make sure its just you and the Kunoichi below and then drop down and Stealth Kill her. Now quickly head over into the NW corner of the map to grab the egg in the Red Box and then enter through the gates between the watchtowers to trigger the cutscene and Sub Boss/Boss Battles.

Name: Shou, Health: 100
Shou by Reimaru
Shou is really not too difficult an opponent to beat. My advice is to keep yourself locked on to him and strafe as you avoid his short bursts of shooting darts. When you get near him simply unload a full-fledged combo and try to always implement your death drop technique to add to the pain. When he is down, quickly run up and land a falling blow as well. Do not waste your time trying to throw Shou as he will probably send you sailing through the air instead with his own close range attack. Save your stronger weapons if you brought them for Jyuzou and simply focus on strafing and then attacking with him. If you are low on health, quickly drink your health potion while he is dying as the real battle is just about to begin.

Name: Jyzou, Health: 100
Jyuzou by Reimaru
Jyuzou is undoubtedly the most difficult boss in the game. He has a wide variety of attacks and a very tight defense. The best way to attack him is to block and strafe away from most of his slashes and then land your combo in from his side or back. Beware of the close range attack he has because he will first knee you in the head and then kick you in the face after you fall to your knees. This will take away quite a bit of health. If you brought your bamboo gun or cannon then fire them right after he has missed with a lunging attack. Use the expansive area to your advantage and just keep blocking and strafing around to find your openings. Caltrops are also extremely useful items to use against him as long as you are ready to move in and attack while he is hopping around on one foot. Other Items such as grenade, flash bomb, sticky bomb, explosive boxes etc are totally useless however. Once he has been defeated the final cutscene will start in.

Grandmatser Item
Sleeping Gas

Mission Stats
Enemies: 16
Innocents: 1

Hidden Items
1x egg, 5x shuriken